US Bans 3 Chinese Companies Over Suspicions They Used Forced Uyghur Labor

Breaking News: The United States has now moved signalling incurred the security on the business practices which involves some labor forces. It has recently broadened its restriction on Chinese imports. This news is currently viral on the World Wide Web. There are three companies Xinjiang Zhongtai Group Co. Ltd., Xinjiang Tianmian Foundation Textile Co. Ltd., and Xinjiang Tianshan Wool Textile Co. Ltd. All these three companies have been now added to the United States Yghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Entity List. It is going to take a total tally of blacklisted entities to 27. Now check out the entire article to know everything about it.

US Bans 3 Chinese Companies

The new companies are now going to be charged with aiding the Xinjiah government in the labor force which recruits and transports Uyghurs and other persecuted minorities. All the newly designated companies are headquartered in Xinjiang which is a region in western China and under International scrutiny for the treatment of the Uyghur Muslims and several minority groups. The Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement that they do not tolerate any company which uses the labor force that breaks the human rights of any person in the order of making profits. Continue reading.

These new companies now have been in question noted for their work in the textile and chemical areas. The Xinjian Tianmian produces several textiles products including yarn and the other hand the Xinjiang Tianshan deals in cashmere garments and wool. Also, Xinjiang Zhongtai specializes in building materials and chemical materials exactly like PVC. As per the US law 2021, imports from companies listed under the Uygher Forced Labour Prevention Act Entity List are now strictly prohibited. It also applies only if the importer can affirmatively prove that the products are not made by the labor force. Scroll down to know more.

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As per the US authorities, the labor camps have targeted Yghurs and some other Muslim minorities which are currently set up in Xinjiang. These allegations have been clearly denied by Beijing. By looking at this the US State Department has said that the advisory has emphasized the need for businesses to act easily in the way of testing and mitigating the risk which is now associated with the labor force and human rights abuses in the chain supply because of the ongoing crime and genocide against the humanity in Xinjiang. For further information stay updated with techballad.

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