UP: Protests Erupt At BHU Campus After Girl Molested By Three Boys Near Hostel

A new protest has been started in Uttar Pradesh. The new protest is happening at the BHU campus. The Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has taken a big action and started this protest. This is one of the most famous universities in UP. This process was started after a girl became the victim of molestation and there are three suspects in this case. Three boys molested a girl outside her hostel. A female student of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in UP has reported that she has been molested and stripped by three motorcycle-borne men. To learn everything about this case read this article till the end.

BHU Campus

A very horrific incident has happened recently, A girl student from the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) which is located in Uttar Pradesh (UP) has been molested and stripped by three motorcycle-borne men. Because of this incident, the BHU has started a protest in which thousands of students are currently demanding justice and also to increase safety measures on the BHU campus. A lot of students are holding the banners in the protest. the protest happened inside the campus after a girl got molested by three men near the hostel.

This horrific incident with a female student of BHU happened this week. It has resulted in a huge outcry. The identity of those three rising-like boys has not been identified till now. The Uttar Pradesh police have started working on this case and doing the investigation. Police are currently focusing on finding those three bike rider boys. Those three boys molested a female student of BHU near her hoster on 1st November 2023, Wednesday in the night. They molested and stripped the young girl and they also filmed a video while doing this cheap thing. This is a very serious case in which police should take strict action.

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The identity of the victim of this molestation case has not been revealed till now because of the safety measures as there is a little bit of risk in revealing her identity. A lot of students protested on 2nd November 2023, Thursday outside the Rajputana Hostel. It has been stated that those three boys were not students of BHU University. They should be arrested and they should be punished for their vulgarity which they should do on the night of Wednesday. The students who are protesting to get justice are asking to ban the outside people on campus. No outside person should be allowed to enter the campus and hostel.

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