United Breweries share price boost 20% as New beer launch

United Breweries has now announced a new beer launch in the market. There is going to be an official launch of “Heineken Silver Draught Beer”. It has been expected that the launch of the new beer is going to boost the United Breweries’ share price by 20%. It is expected the share price of the company is going to rise by 20% with the launch of new beer in the premium bars and pubs in Karnataka and Maharashtra. The share price of the company has gained just 6% in the last three months when the stock has fallen by 4.5% year to date. Check out the entire article to learn everything.

United Breweries

United Breweries is now all set to launch a new beer. Because of the new beer launch, it is expected that there is going to be a rise in share price by 20%. This has been officially claimed by the Nuvama Institutional Equities. The new beer is Heineken Silver Draught Beer. It is all set to launch in the premium bars and pubs in the entire Thane, Mumbai, and Pune in Maharashtra and there are some plans that it is also going to be expanded to Karnataka in FY24. Scroll down to learn more.

The Nuvama Institutional Equities has stated, that the launch of the meaningful expansion of United Breweries portfolio and shows its intent to make their focus on innovation. It has been claimed that these variant has gained a great appreciation in the global markets. Nuvama Equities has claimed that the company is currently looking at this as another segmentation and premiumization step by UBBL. It is going to be marketed as a premium and smooth beverage for social occasions and it is going to be drafted by seasoned brewers who utilize natural ingredients including the Heineken renowned unique A-yeast and 100% malt.

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According to the market experts, currently, the brokerage has maintained a buy rating on United Breweries as their target price is Rs. 1,935 per share which is currently implying an upside of 20% from yesterday’s closing price. The brokerage still has a positive sign on the Kingfisher beer manufacturer. The analysts of Nuvama believe the appointment of a completely new MD & CEO Vivek Gupta has uncorked the renewed steady push. The new beer is not going to be available in the entire India it is going to be extended soon if the beer receives a great response from the public as it is a premium beer.

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