United Auto Workers to expand strike at Ford, General Motors

The UAW strike is still going on. For the past few days, UAW has been in the headlines on many news channels. The news of the strike of UAW is going viral and trending on several social media platforms. This strike was started some days ago and since then it has been trending and this strike has gained the attention of many people. The United Auto Workers (UAW) officially started the strike against Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors (GM). And now the UAW presenter has given a new proposal to Chrysler parent Stellantis because of the planned strike before this UAW threatened Chrysler that they were going to expand the strike. Read the entire article and learn here’s what we got to know about the latest proposal by UAW.

United Auto Workers

New Proposal By United Auto Workers

Now United Auto Workers (UAW) has given a new proposal. This is a new proposal for 28 September 2023, Thursday to Stellantis, the parent company of Chrysler. They had a proposal just one day before the union planned to arrive at the Detroit Three automotive facilities. This proposal has been given because till now there has not been any serious progress in the recent labor negotiations. Continue reading.

What is in the New Proposal by UAW?

As of now, UAW has given a fresh proposal as discussions continued with Stellantis, Ford Motor, and General Motors (GM). Till now UAW has completed fourteen days of continuous strikes. So the UAW and Detroit three have apart because of these crucial matters. On 28th September 2023, Thursday the United Auto Workers (UAW) stance included that they demand a 40% wage increase for all workers and also the cost of living adjustments linked to inflation, the elimination of lower wages of lower seniority workers, pension benefits, and job or pay guarantees. Keep reading.

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UAW Strike: What is the Major Issue?

One of the biggest major issues is the compensation for workers who are involved in generating batteries for electric vehicles. According to Ford, this week it was postponing a $3.5 billion battery plant in Michigan because of the worry of competitive viability. This move has made them the victims of UAW. As per the source, the automakers have offered a 20% wage increase but they didn’t offer cost of living and retirement benefits. Automakers have also not accepted the request of UAW for the new hires to receive top pay after 90 days on the job. And till now UAW has not accepted this offer given by the automakers.

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