UNGA Calls For Immediate Truce Between Israel And Hamas In Gaza

Shocking: UNGA has called for an urgent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. UNGA has now officially adopted the resolution for the humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Currently, India has abstained from the call for the protection of the civilians in Gaza. Because of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, some countries are in trouble. There is a very critical situation between Israel and Hamas. Yesterday, the Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations Bob Rae spoke in a special emergency session of the U.N. General Assembly on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas at the headquarters of the U.N. which is located in New York, City. To know everything read this article till the end.


On 27 October 2023, Friday, there was a United Nations General Assembly, where they adopted a resolution calling for an immediate, durable, and sustained humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. And now India has abstained from the official call regarding the protection of the residents and upholds humanitarian obligations. The UN News Centre has recently given the news on their official page on Twitter (X). They have written that the UN General Assembly Adopted a resolution based on the protection of the civilians and they uphold legal and humanitarian obligations in Gaza. Continue reading this article till the end.

The draft resolution has been properly adopted through the General Assembly with a total of 120 votes in favor, 45 abstentions, and 12 against. It has been recorded that a total of 45 nations have abstained from voting on the resolution which includes India, Panama, Greece, Iceland, and Lithuania. Recently, UNGA has demanded sufficient, continuous, and unhindered provision of clear lifesaving supplies and services for the residents who have been trapped in the enclave.

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The war between Israel and Hamas started after Hamas did a surprise rocket attack on the entire Israel in which 1,400 people died on 7th October 2023. The resolution has been backed by 40 countries such as UAE, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many more. Voting came in the UNGA has came inside when the time in Israel officially announced the ground operation in Gaza. yesterday, the Israel Defence Forces spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that the military has ramped up the airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in some last hours and has officially expanded the activity. The US has expressed outrage at the resolution which is not going to name Hamas and they are calling the omission of evil.

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