UNC Armed Robbery: Classes Cancels After Dangerous Person Reported

On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, the UNC campus community remained in a shelter for more than an hour after an armed and dangerous man was reported inside the campus. As a result of threatening reports, UNC canceled classes and suspended further operations. In addition, the university also issued an alert to confirm that an armed person was on or near the campus. Shortly after the police were informed about the armed person on the UNC campus, they responded there in large numbers. Police vehicles in extensive numbers were at the campus after the university issued an emergency alert about the threat of an armed person.

UNC Armed Robbery
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Armed Man Reported At UNC

Reportedly, the armed and dangerous person on the campus was reported at 12:54 p.m. when the university also announced that further non-mandatory operations and classes were canceled. The official statement from the university reads, “Today, the University will operate at a Condition 2 status. Classes are canceled for the rest of today, and non-mandatory operations are suspended. Employees are not required to work or use paid leave under Condition 3 unless otherwise informed by their supervisor.”

The university’s police department immediately started an investigation and ensured the safety of the students and staff members on the campus. According to the reports, a man was brandishing a weapon on the campus, therefore, it was said that the “situation was related to a personnel matter for one of our auxiliary units.” However, the armed and dangerous man did not fire a single shot. But the officials understood the seriousness of the situation and imposed a complete lockdown. After the investigation, the campus lockdown was lifted. The authorities also stated that a suspect has been arrested in connection with brandishing a weapon on the campus. In addition, he also has been identified.

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Chapel Hill Police Arrested A Man

According to the reports, a man was arrested by the Chapel Hill Police. The suspect was identified as Mickel Deonte Harris. He is a 27-year-old man. Police arrested him from his residence in the 300 block of Formosa Lane. In addition, Deonte Harris already had been outstanding arrest warrant in relation to a road rage incident that happened on 5 September 2023. Police arrested him when they found him connected to the UNC incident. A neighbor of Deonte Harris from Formosa Lane also recorded the event of his arrest. Charges against the suspect have not been explained yet. UNC has resumed its all operations.

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