Ukraine Requests Atomic Heart Sales of Ban From Sony, Microsoft, and Valve

The Ukrainian government has taken action against the recently launched video game Atomic Heart, saying it will contact Valve, Sony, and Microsoft to remove the game from digital marketplaces in Ukraine.

Numerous disputes have been surrounding the game, and the authorities have urged gamers in other nations to boycott it because of the makers’ stance on the continuing Russian invasion.

Ukraine Requests Atomic Heart Sales of Ban
Ukraine Requests Atomic Heart Sales of Ban

According to a report by, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov said the Ministry would formally request a ban on sales of Atomic Heart in Ukraine from Valve, Sony, and Microsoft (via Game World Observer).

The studio chose this since Mundfish has not publicly condemned Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Instead, they have just stated that they are a “pro-peace group” that does not comment on politics.

The Minister also calls for a global boycott of the game from pro-Ukraine players. Due to the game’s toxicity, potential collection of user data with probable transfer to third parties in Russia, and potential use of funds from the game’s sales to continue waging war against Ukraine, Bornyakov and his colleagues have called for limiting the game’s distribution in other countries.

Bornyakov noted that the studio received funding from state-owned energy corporation Gazprom, among other allegedly sanctioned Russian businesses and institutions. As of this writing, however, there is no concrete proof of any ties between the developers and the Russian government.

Ukraine Requests Atomic Heart Sales of Ban
Ukraine Requests Atomic Heart Sales of Ban

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Several Ukrainian creators, who Mundfish has now publicly acknowledged, contributed to making the game, which is now accessible on Steam with Ukrainian subtitles. Although certain stores in Ukraine provided physical copies of Atomic Heart before the game’s release, gamers can no longer do so now.

The initiative to entirely prohibit the game from all shops was taken by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Still, it is unclear why this decision was made so soon after the game’s introduction rather than before.