UCO Bank Decides To Distribute Diwali Sweets To Top 10 Wilful Defaulters

Breaking News: The UCO Bank has now decided to distribute the Diwali sweets to the top 10 wilful defaulters. This notice has been released recently. The seats are going to be distributed to the top NPA borrowers on Diwali 2023. But do you want to know about the biggest shocking news? The biggest shocking news is that this plan has now been withdrew. This notice was withdrawn later. This order was withdrawn on the next day after the announcement of giving sweets. To know why this notice was withdrawn. Why was this action taken by the UCO Bank, read this article till the end without missing any single thing.

UCO Bank

On 1st November 2023, Wednesday, the public sector lender UCO Bank announced very big news. They announced that the bank is going to distribute the sweets of Diwali to the top 10 Non-Performing Assets (NPA) borrowers of the UCO Bank. But shockingly on the next day which means on 2nd November 2023, Thursday, the UCO Bank officially withdrew the announcement notice. The Recovery Department Head Office stated on Wednesday that the top management has started the distribution of the box of sweets to the top 10 NPA borrowers for every single branch of the bank. Scroll down to know more.

According to the experts, the head of the branch needs to meet them personally and they want to greet them regarding the festive Diwali which is on 12th November 2023, Sunday. And there they are also going to distribute them the boxes of sweets. It has been claimed that the heads of the zonal are advised to meet and greet the top 10 NPA borrowers of the zones personally reading the occasion of festival 2023. The bank officials have claimed that they bank officials are currently facing some difficulties in the recovery of dues from the top 10 borrowers. Continue reading.

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On 2nd November 2023, Thursday, the UCO Bank official issued a new announcement in which they announced that it has been advised that the rules contained in the aforesaid communication stand withdrawn. And on 3rd November 2023, Friday, the UCO Bank officially unveiled the Quarter 2 FY24 financial results. Bank has claimed that these types of activities might create some station of empathy and might compel some of the borrowers who ahs come in front regarding settling in their account with the UCO Bank. More details are to be shared very soon, till then keep following techballad.

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