Ubisoft’s New AI Tool May Inspire More Detailed Game Settings

A tool that Ubisoft made on its own. LA Forge wants to help scriptwriters by making AI-made dialogue. People say that Ubisoft’s new technology will make its game worlds more immersive by giving NPCs more realistic speech. It could also be a game-changer for the publisher’s studios and its partners.

So far, eight games from Ubisoft studios are set to come out in 2023. This will be a big year for the publisher. Assassin’s Creed Mirage will come out in the second half of the year.

It was announced along with two other games in the series, one of which is set in feudal Japan, a setting that fans have wanted for a long time. The Division Heartland, a long-awaited free-to-play multiplayer shooter, will also come out in 2023. It will have both PvE and PvEvP content in a much more rural setting than its predecessors.

On March 21, Ubisoft released a video about Ubisoft Ghostwriter, an AI tool for making NPC barks that is cutting-edge –

YouTube video

Barks have been the job of a studio’s scriptwriting team for a long time. Barks are the one-off phrases and sounds that NPCs say when players interact with them or pass them by.

Do you know that World of Warcraft has posted the complete patch notes for 10.0.7 for players to read even though the upcoming content update won’t be available for a few more days:

In open-world games with a lot of unique NPCs, barks can make a game script a lot bigger, so Ubisoft LA Forge’s new technology will use AI to do that job. The basic input dialogue will still be written by a scriptwriter, but Ghostwriter will take that dialogue and change it based on the character’s mood and motivation.

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This will cut down on the studio’s need to do the same things over and over again and make the games’ worlds seem more real. This is not the first time Ubisoft has come up with new ways to make its games feel less like they use the same content.

Watch Dogs Legion, which came out in 2020, was advertised as a game where you could play as anyone. This was made possible by procedural character generation with simulation layers for different personality archetypes.

This made every player’s experience different and cut down on the breaks in immersion caused by repeated dialogue and in-game assets. Even though the game had flaws and was criticized, the technology was impressive, and now that Ghostwriter is out, Ubisoft’s studios have some great tools for making worlds that feel real.

Using Ubisoft’s Ghostwriter is an exciting idea for the future of gaming. Soon, fans will be able to hear more NPC barks in Ubisoft games because scriptwriting teams will be able to focus on the most interesting parts of a game’s story.

No one knows what role Ghostwriter will play in Ubisoft’s future or in the future of the game industry as a whole, but the fact that it promises to make games more immersive is good news for fans of all types of games.

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