UAW strike, General Motors and Ford Motor plan to reduce their workforce by 500 employees

Finally, Ford and General Motors (GM) have officially announced that they will reduce their workforce. They announced this news on 2nd October 2023, Monday. They have said that they will reduce the force by an additional 500 employees in the four Midwestern plants. This is really big news and now this news is currently trending on many social media platforms This news is making headlines on various news channels today. This decision is going to affect the strike by UAW. UAW has been continuously doing this strike for the past 18 days. This decision is really going to impact their operations at all these facilities. Scroll down and read everything about this decision made by Ford and GM. And also learn what UAW is going to do next.


Now United Auto Workers has confirmed that they have given a new contract offer to General Motors (GM) on 2nd October 2023. In the reply to the new offer, GM said that they have officially received the counterproposal but still, there are many differences that have not been mentioned till now. The UAW has now engaged in the new bargaining offer discussion with Stellantis, which is the parent company of Chrysler. Scroll down to know what Ford has claimed.

On the same day which means Monday, Ford officially stated that there would be a temporary laying off of 330 employees at the Chicago Stamping plant and Lima, which is the Ohio Engine Plants. And now General Motors has also initiated layoffs with a total of 130 employees at the Parma, which is an Ohio Metal Center, and a total of 34 employees at Marion, which is an Indiana Metal Center. In this decision, the president of United Auto Workers, Shawn Fain announced an extended strike that involved the Detroit Three which also includes the General Motors (GM) plant which is in Lansing, Michigan and it also includes the Ford assembly plant which is located in Chicago.

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UAW has also announced that they have successfully made a deal with a fresh labor agreement with Volvo Group Mach Trucks. This covers around 4,000 workers. This deal has been fixed before the Sunday night deadline. This is a tentative agreement which also includes the demand of increased wages and it has been ratified. Because of this strike, Ford has claimed that almost more than 300 workers have faced temporary layoffs and it has resulted a ripple effects. This ongoing strike has badly impacted the company.

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