Two dead Violence Erupts As Garment Workers Protest In Bangladesh Over Wage Hike

Shops are on fire. Yes, a lot of shops in Bangladesh are on fire right now. The vehicles are being vandalized. The violence in the country has erupted as the garment worker has started a protest in Bangladesh because of the wage hike. The protest started after the garment industry offered a 25% increase in the minimum wage which has fallen short cause of the workers’ demands. The garment workers blocked the traffic at the time of the protest in which they demanded a hike in their wages. The traffic was blocked at Mirpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 31st October 2023, Tuesday.


As we all know Bangladesh is the second biggest garment-producing country in the entire world. The first country that produces the garment is China. Now Bangladesh had protesters over the weekend after the VGMEA offered an increase in the monthly minimum wage by 25% so that it could reach USD 90 but the workers demanded USD 208. As per the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Right now Bangladesh has almost 3,500 factories which has almost four million workers who are employed, and most of them are women. Scroll down to learn more about this case.

According to the labor unions and workers, Currently, the workers of Bangladesh are working on 8,300 takas USD 75 as per their monthly minimum wage but it has been said that they need to work overtime to make which meet the end. A lot of garment factory workers have now gone up to the streets of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka and also to the industrial district of Gazipur on 31st October 2023, Tuesday to demand better wages. Currently, in Gazipur, the protestors have been captured and are throwing stones at a lot of shops, and on the other hand in the Dhaka Mirpur area, a lot of agitators chanted to demand a good amount of wages.

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According to the source, a lot of vehicles have been vandalized. Others chanted slogans as the security personnel who had been patrolling the entire area. One of the garment worker, Shahida Akhter has stated that right now she is struggling for the food on the table, If the government reduce the prices of goods there is no need to increase the wages but currently, the prices of goods are increasing daily by day so the wages of the workers should also be increased. And if there is a baby in the family the family needs more expenses this is because the workers are currently protesting.

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