Twitch Ban Mira – For Violating Community Norms

Mira, a Russian Twitch user with more than 444,000 fans, has been banned from the site after being accused of breaking its rules. Mira’s fame on Twitch comes from her entertaining streams like “Just Chatting,” “IRL,” “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches,” and from the fact that she is known for playing games like “Grand Theft Auto 5,” “Dota 2,” “Fortnite,” “PUBG: Battlegrounds,” and more.

Twitch is a very famous platform that gamers and streamers all over the world use because of how flexible it is and how many things it has to offer. But the strict rules Twitch has for its audience have been talked about a lot. Twitch gives people a certain amount of artistic freedom, but it also has rules that must be followed, and breaking these rules can get you banned.

Mira, who was in the news last year for being stalked by a weird guy, is the latest popular female streamer to get banned from Twitch. It’s important to note that Mira has previously been banned for violating Twitch’s community guidelines on nυdity, although no specific information has been provided regarding the cause for her most recent ban.

Twitch Has Banned Mira
Twitch Has Banned Mira

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Mira has been banned from the platform seven times, with the longest suspension lasting four days, according to Streamer Bans. Mira’s Twitch account was banned three times in 2022, and this is the second time this year that her account has been banned.

It’s not clear how long this new ban will last or what Mira will do about it. Surprisingly, after an earlier ban, Mira accused Twitch of promoting misogyny on its platform by shaming women’s bodies while ignoring men who freely showed off their bodies on camera.

She said that Twitch is unfair because it bans female players who show even a small part of their clothes while letting male streamers keep going. Mira is not the only woman who was banned from Twitch lately. On May 4, Twitch announced that one of its most popular female broadcasters, Amouranth, had been banned.

However, Twitch reversed its decision the following day and reinstated Amouranth’s channel on the platform. Mira’s bans have never been longer than four days in the past, so it’s possible that she will be unbanned soon.

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