Total War Pharaoh Release Date- When is It Going to Be Available

Another year, another Total War, as Creative Assembly has unveiled Total War: Pharaoh, the latest instalment in the long-running franchise. Total War: Pharaoh release date rumours, playable factions, pre-order details, trailers, and more news can be found here.

We’re honestly shocked it’s taken so long for Creative Assembly to recreate Ancient Egypt because it’s been seen as an obvious choice for a long time – but with so many amazing titles throughout the years, we’re certainly not complaining.

If you can’t wait to pull out your Y2K Ankh necklace and start building pyramids, then keep reading to learn everything there is to know about Total War: Pharaoh.

When will Total War: Pharaoh be released?

Total War: Pharaoh is scheduled to be launched in October 2023. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long before we can charge our chariots down the Nile and erect pyramids to cement our status as a deity, which we essentially are as the player of a massive strategy game that spans decades and gives us complete authority over untold numbers of souls.

Total War Pharaoh Release Date

When a precise date is announced, we will notify you, as well as if there are any unexpected delays or release dates for other platforms. Keep in touch with us on a frequent basis to stay as informed as possible.

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What Systems and Platforms Can Play Total War: Pharaoh?

Total War: Pharaoh will be available for PCs through Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as MacOS and Linux.

Creative Assembly has done a wonderful job of making their tiles accessible to as many PC gamers as possible: most games have received MacOS and Linux versions since 2004’s superb Rome: Total War.

Total War: Pharaoh factions, gameplay, and plot information

According to Creative Assembly, Total War: Pharaoh will take place during “the vibrant and tumultuous era of the Bronze Age Collapse.” There was significant turmoil during this period, which shifted the balance of power in North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

At the debut, Total War: Pharaoh will feature eight playable factions from three separate cultures, which can be found right below.


  • Ramesses
  • Seti
  • Tausret
  • Amenmesse


  • Bay
  • Irsu


  • Kurunta
  • Suppiluliuma

Not only will we be able to play as different groups within Egypt, but we will also be able to threaten the power of the Pharaohs as Canaanites from the Southern Levant and Hittites from Anatolia, now modern-day Turkey.

We should expect a mix of turn-based grand strategy and massive and epic real-time battles that only get more magnificent with each Total War game.

As previously said, new factions will be introduced in later DLCs, and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about them.

Does Total War: Pharaoh Have a Teaser?

We have included a CG announcement trailer for Total War: Pharaoh below for your convenience.

YouTube video

The trailer opens with a shot of the sky, panning down to reveal the Great Pyramids above the Nile, and then cuts to the foreground, where we see a scarab dung beetle emerge from the sand and roll a little ball of dung along the arid lands, evoking the construction methods used to construct the Pyramids.

We watch as the beetle braves storms of rain, heat, and sand to reach the site of an earlier conflict, where another dung beetle attempts to take the beetle’s nugget but is quickly flung off. The beetle is suddenly shot by an arrow and flies to the Pharaoh’s outstretched palm.

When an enemy army approaches, he raises his hand with the beetle on it, symbolizing the might of the sacred scarab, and orders his troops to fight. As the two armies draw dangerously near to one other, the trailer abruptly cuts off, saving the climactic showdown for a gameplay trailer that, no doubt, we will provide for you as soon as it is released.

Total War Pharaoh Release Date

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