Titanic first-class dinner menu sold for ₹85 lakh at auction

Breaking News: The first-class dinner menu of Titanic has now been officially sold at a surprising amount. The Titanic first-class dinner menu sold for Rs. 84.6 lakh. This is one of the biggest shocking amounts. The Titanic’s first-class menu was sold at an auction in the United Kingdom which happened on 11th November 2023, Saturday. It has been reported that first, this first-class menu was only a surviving copy of the 11th April dinner menu. The Titanic leaves Southampton, England 10th April 1912 on her maiden voyage. The ship sank under the North Atlantic after it got struck by an iceberg. Now to learn everything about the Titanic first class menu read this article till the end.


According to the source, on Saturday, the most iconic, the Titanic first-class menu was sold for a very heavy amount. Almost 100 years later, the ill-fated Titanic ship sank into the North Atlantic oceans, and its first-class menu was sold. This menu has been sold for Rs. 84.6 lakh ($103,000). The first-class dinner menu from the Titanic ill-fates maiden voyage has been officially sold now. This menu includes beef, oysters, and mallard duck. This has been said by the UK auction house which is responsible for its sale on Sunday. Scroll down to learn more.

Experts have claimed that the menu for the meal was served on 11th April 1912 which was decorated with the red White Star Line burger. On the other hand, the original gilt lettering is not available now. The menu, antiques, and rare items were officially sold on 11th November 2023, Saturday at Henry Aldridge & Son auction house which is located in Wiltshire, Southwest England. The Titanic ship was touted as unsinkable sank after it got hit by an iceberg in 1912. Because of this tragic horrific accident over 1,500 passengers and crew lost their lives. Continue reading till the last.

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As per the reports, the Titanic first-class menu shows signs of water immersion which is removed, the reverse of the menu also showcases the evidence of this. The auction which happened on Saturday also sold rare items from Titanic including a Swiss-made pocket watch that was recovered from a passenger Sinai Kantor. The Swiss-made pocket watch has been officially sold for Rs. 9,887,174.03. Another item which is a tartan patterned deck blanket that was being used to rescue the operation has been officially sold for Rs. 9,785,244.40. Stay tuned to techballad.

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