THIS visa allows you to stay In UK After Finished studies, look for jobs for 2 years

This article is very important for all the Indian students who have gone to the UK for their studies, so read this article carefully. So we wanted to ask one question of all the students who have gone to the UK for their studies. So have you finished your studies in the UK? And now are you planning to live just in the UK and do a job there? So in this article, we are going to tell you how can you permanently stay in the United Kingdom even after finishing your studies there. The way which we are going to suggest to you in this article is going to keep you in the UK and look for jobs for 2 years. So read this article till the end and learn about 5 things which are must to know.


In 2021, the UK officially revived the Graduate visa which promised immense opportunity for international students particularly a big chunk of the scholars of India who are studying in the UK. This has enabled the graduates and post-graduates to stay back in the UK for more periods and look for jobs. If the students do not have any job letters. The country is presenting a plan for strict visa rules for student immigrants in the UK. The new plan is the “UK Graduate Immigration Route”.

UK Graduate Visa Route was resented in 2021 after it was abandoned in 2015. This visa permitted students to complete their Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D. studies in the United Kingdom to stay back in the country to look for jobs. It is unlike the Skilled Workers route, the Graduate Visa officially allows flexible jobs, self-employment, and voluntary work. This visa also permits the holder to travel abroad and then later return to the country.

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The UK Graduate Visa can approved by the UK Higher Education provider and also those who are holding Tier 4 or it can apply to the student at the time of application which asserts Yash Dubai. Director at AY & J Solicitors, UK, London. It has been claimed that a visa allows a student to stay in the country for three years, if they have completed their degree or if they have completed a doctorate. When the time visa expires the holder can switch to a different visa route like a Skilled Worker visa. The official details of all the requirements and the list of the approved colleges and universities are officially available on the UK government website.

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