The Division 2 Season 11 Patch Notes: Information About New Manhunt, Weapons, and More

The Division 2 Season 11: Reign of Fire is now available on all supported platforms, after a short delay caused by technical issues. Natalya Sokolova is taking a more active and visible role as she leads the Black Tusk on campaigns all over Washington in the new season.

It also adds new targets, exotic weapons, and a set of gear that boosts the Marksman Rifle and gives extra damage. With the start of Season 11, a new Manhunt has started, and hunters will be more active in the capital. Players can take part in the Apparel Event and level up their watches to get Apparel Cache keys.

Players can also find three different items in caches, none of which are the same. During the event, which is set to start in March, players will also be able to collect three new masks and six new outfits.

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There are also new exotic and named weapons in Season 11. These include the Sacrum Imperium, the Prophet Police 686 Magnum revolver, the Relic G28 Marksmen Rifle, and the Talent Determined. Players can also put on three new pieces of gear. Each has its own pros and cons.

The NinjaBike Messenger Bag lets players get bonuses from multiple sets at the same time, and the Hotshot gives +30% damage and stability to the Marksman Rifle. Habsburg Guard, on the other hand, gives an extra 15% damage to headshots, an extra 15% damage to the Marksman Rifle, and a status effect that depends on how many pieces are equipped.

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The patch notes, provided by Ubisoft, will fill you in on all the changes and additions arriving with the new season.

Quality of Life Improvements


  • Lower Skill Tier players will be able to use the Jammer skill against Skill Tier players 3 levels above their own.
  • Fixed an issue where Shrapnel Trap would apply PvE damage in PvP.
  • Exotics that are otherwise exclusive to a specific source are available as random contaminated drops in the DZ. Exotic weapons that can be received as random loot drops after killing enemies in DZ:
      • The Ravenous
      • The Bighorn
      • Eagle Bearer



  • Added an Inventory Pouch Space AR on the backpack to allow players see the remaining space in their Inventory after looting an item.
  • Added a checkmark displaying the current Loadout equipped.
      • To find the checkmark go to the Main Menu – Inventory – Press H for Loadouts.


  • The Caches tab from the Apparel Event Menu will display the ongoing Apparel Event cache image. When no Apparel Event is running, the default cache box will be displayed.
  • Season tile background will display the currently ongoing event.
  • Added an item type display icon to the Apparel Cache Reveal button.

Other Changes

Gear & Talents

  • Fixed with the Focus Chest Talent not being triggered when aiming with the Doctor Home Exotic Rifle and Oh Carol Named Marksman Rifle.
  • Fixed the issue with The Doctor Home Exotic Rifle deconstruction not giving exotic components.
  • Fixed the issue where changing between two load-outs of Gear sets that have at least two distinct item pieces nullified the effect of the set bonus.
  • The Twinkling Lights Talent from the Oh Carol Named Marksman Rifle can no longer be added to the Recalibration Library at the Recalibration Station
  • Fixed the issue with the mark from the Sledgehammer and Perfected Sledgehammer Talents applying the movement speed debuff to the player


  • Exclamation mark now disappears after checking an item in the Expertise Menu
  • Fixed the issue with the highlighted item in a Gear/Brand Set category not resetting when switching from one set to another.
  • Fixed the issue where scrolling through a gear piece’s stats in the Expertise Menu also caused scrolling through the items list.
  • Fixed the issue with the incorrect manufacturer name being shown in the Donation Materials tab of the Expertise Menu for the Fox’s Prayer Kneepads.
  • Fixed the issues with the information panel for the highlighted item not updating the Mods and Dye fields.
  • Fixed the issue with the Expertise level of the weapon not increasing when donating the Oh Carol Marksman Riffle at the Recalibration Station.
  • Fixed the issue with the Expertise level being shown as -1 for all the specialization sidearms.
  • Added the missing “Insufficient Materials” prompt that should appear when trying to upgrade any item from the Specialization category.


  • Fixed the issue where players could enter both invaded and non-invaded Dark Zone with no other players around by turning Rogue just as they were about to log out


  • Fixed the tooltip for the “True Sons Broadcast Outpost” SHD Side Mission.
  • Fixed the issue with The Full Stop Talent displaying the TAC-50 C Rifle signature weapon ammo icon.


  • Fixed minor clipping issues for the Dark Path Apparel Event items.
  • Fixed minor clipping issues for the Santa Suit.
  • Fixed minor clipping issues for the Gamology outfit.
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