Tesla Sued By US Agency Over Alleged Harassment Of Black Factory Workers

Breaking News: The US agency has filed a lawsuit against Tesla over the alleged harassment of Black factory workers. This is the biggest breaking news of current time. This news has given a big shock to many people and currently, this news is making rounds on several news channels. This is a very serious matter as Tesla is one of the biggest car-making companies. And this case might affect the reputation of Tesla. Till now Tesla has faced many cases that didn’t harm their reputation this time it is not easy because a lawsuit has been filed by a US agency. To know the entire controversy read this whole article without missing anything.


According to the authorities, the civil rights agency in the United States has filed a lawsuit against Tesla Inc. This lawsuit has been filed by the US agency because Tesla has allowed the persistent harassment of Black employees at its assembly plant which is located in Fremont, California. This is a very shocking case as a harassment of Black employee is not good at all. This allegation closely resembles cases that have been brought forward by the state and Tesla’s own employees. Scroll down to know more.

As per the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), they have officially initiated the lawsuit in the federal court in California. The lawsuit claims that from 2015 to now the Black workers who are working a the Tesla Plan have faced a lot of harassment, they have faced criticism. They have faced racist slurs and some offensive graffiti which also includes some symbols which are nooses and swastikas. EEOC has officially claimed that Tesla has neglected to properly investigate complaints about the wrong behavior with the Bkack employees and because of that EEOC has taken the decision to file a lawsuit against Tesla. Continue reading.

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Further EEOC said they have filed a lawsuit against Tesla because of not taking proper action against the people who have brutally harassed black-employed who are working in the Tesla plant. This lawsuit introduces the charges in addition to the harassment and discrimination claimed which are brought by the state of California and the lawsuit filed by the Tesla employees. EEOC has said that they are not going to negotiate because last year Tesla announced that the agency had officially raised its concerns. Tesla is facing a lot of discrimination lawsuits which are also similar to this recent lawsuit which is filed against Tesla.

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