Terrorists attack Pakistan’s Mianwali Air Force base, 3 militants killed

Breaking News: A massive terror attack has happened at the Pakistan Air Force Base in Mianwali. This is one of the biggest shocking news of current time. A total of six militants have been stormed at the Paksitani Air Force Base in Mianwali on Saturday in which three militants have been killed. It has been said that a total of three aircraft and a fueling tanker have gone damaged because of the terror attack. This news has been recently announced and this news is currently in the headlines. The residents of Pakistan are currently in a big shock and scared. Mianwali is the area in Punjab. Now to learn everything regarding this attack read this article till the end.

Pakistan Air Force Base in Mianwali

A terror attack happened in the early morning of 4th November 2023, Saturday at the Air Force training base in the central Pakistani area of Mianwali, Punjab. This attack has sent shockwaves right now. As per the reports. three militants have died because of this terror attack today and three more militants have been cornered. Reports have always shown that three aircraft and a dueling tanker were damaged today early morning because of the attack. This is a sudden surprise attack in Pakistan. Scroll down to learn about the shocking news.

According to the Pakistani military, the responsibility for this terror attack has been taken by tehreek-e Jihad (TTP), which is a Paksitan-based terrorist group. Militants have claimed that an operation is underway to clear the entire area. Pakistan authorities have claimed that militants of the tehreek-e Jihad group have now become emboldened when it was opened in Afghanistan since the terror group took over the entire country in 2021. TTP is allied with the Afghan Taliban, it is completely a separate group that seized power in Afghanistan in 2021 as the US and NATO troops were in the final stage of their pull-out.

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At the start of this week, a total of two separate attacks were launched by the terrorists on the security forces in the Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has been claimed that the Irah area of Khyber District which is an Intelligence-based operation (IBO) was conducted which resulted in a very intense exchange of fire. Reports have shown that one terrorist has been killed and two terrorists have gon injured by the security forces. Another incident also occurred when the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonated in the Sarwekai area of the South Waziristan District where a total of two soldiers lost their lives while they were on duty.

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