Tech Expert Torgbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI Urges Government To Digitize Chieftaincy Institutions

In a rapidly advancing digital age, it is imperative that institutions of all kinds keep up with the times. Traditional institutions, such as the Chieftaincy institutions in Ghana, are no exception. Renowned technology expert and Paramount Chief Torgbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI, of Weta Traditional Area in the Ketu North Constituency of the Volta Region of Ghana, has emphasized the need for the government to quickly digitize these institutions.

Torgbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI

The implementation of digital transformation offers significant potential to revolutionize the operations of chieftaincy institutions. This evolution would bring about enhanced efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Through the use of modern digital tools and platforms, these institutions can streamline their administrative processes, empowering leaders, adjudicating bodies, ministries, and the government with unprecedented insights to make well-informed decisions. By doing so, the digitization of chieftaincy institutions can support sustainable governance, foster trust, and maintain the rich cultural heritage associated with traditional leadership.

One crucial area where digitization can provide substantial benefits is the distinction between traditional land boundaries and the administrative boundaries of the government. It is essential to recognize that these two realms differ and, as a result, certain traditional areas are vulnerable to fraudulent activities aimed at undermining the historical significance of these lands. By incorporating digital technologies, chieftaincy institutions can establish robust databases that accurately record land ownership and transactions. Such a system would eliminate any ambiguity and safeguard these valuable cultural assets from encroachment or illegal activities.

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However, the digitization of Chieftaincy institutions cannot be achieved without the active involvement of the government. Paramount Chief Torgbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI urges the government to allocate the necessary resources and provide the technical expertise required for this transformation. This could involve training chiefs and their staff in digital literacy and providing financial support for the implementation of digital infrastructure. By establishing online platforms for dispute resolution and legal matters, community members will have a more efficient means of seeking justice. This would reduce the time and cost associated with traditional legal processes, leading to fairer and more expeditious outcomes.

The urgent call to digitize the Chieftaincy institutions by Paramount Chief Torgbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI is a crucial step towards modernizing Ghana’s traditional institutions. Through digitization, these institutions can be more efficient, transparent, and accessible, while preserving Ghana’s rich cultural heritage. It is imperative that the government takes swift action in embracing technology and supporting the digitization process for the betterment of the Chieftaincy institutions and the nation as a whole.

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