Tatsama Tadbhava Movie Remake Of Which Movie? Review and Ratings

This article is to inform you about the release date, star cast, story, budget, and other imperative details of a new Kannada film titled “Tatsama Tadbhava”. This Friday, many Kannada movies hit the big screens in cinemas throughout Kerala, and Tatsama Tadbhava is one of those films. We have reviewed this film in this article because many people are taking over their social media handles and sharing their points on this film. Have you watched Tatsama Tadbhava? If yes, kindly share your experience of watching Tatsama Tadbhava in the theater, but if you have not watched it yet then go through it till the end.

Tatsama Tadbhava

Tatsama Tadbhava Kannada Movie Review

Tatsama Tadbhava is a suspense thriller film. According to the critic, the film has all the ingredients that a suspense thriller film must have. We strongly suggest this film if you are willing to be on the edge of the seat this weekend. The twist and full plot of the film will keep you enthralled throughout the film. The climax of the film adds an extra ingredient to the film. The screenplay of the film also needs extra appreciation. The critics have given 3.5 stars out of 5. Therefore, you can undoubtedly book your ticket to watch this suspense thriller Kannada movie.

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Tatsama Tadbhava Plot

Meghana Raj is playing the role of Arika in the film. When her husband goes missing she goes to the police station in a bid to get help in locating her missing husband. Prajwal Devraj is playing the role of a seasoned police officer named Arvind Ashwattama who is assigned to Arika’s missing husband case. When Ashwattama starts investigating the case he discovers the dead body of Arika’s husband in her house’s basement. The circumstances surrounding the death of Arika’s husband point at Arika. Now Arvind has to solve the mystery of Arika’s husband’s death and find the real culprit who killed him.

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Tatsama Tadbhava Release Date and Cast

This Kannada film was released in theaters on Friday, September 15, 2023. Tatsama Tadbhava is helmed by Vishal Atreya, the director of the film. Pannaga Bharana is the producer of Tatsama Tadbhava. Talking about the cast lineup of the film, Prajwal Devaraj and Meghana Raj Sarja are being seen in the lead roles. Aravinnd Iyer, Balaju Manohar, and Mahathi Vaishnavi Bhat are in the supporting roles. The music of the film is directed by Vasuki Vaibhav and Cinematography is done by Srinivas Ramaiah.

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Mystery, Thriller




  • Meghana Raj Sarja
  • Prajwal Devaraj
  • Aravinnd iyer
  • Mahathi Vaishnavi Bhat
  • Balaji Manohar


Vishal Atreya


6 Cr

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