Taman Jurong Accident: 4-Year-Old Girl Name, Death And Obituary

In this article, we are going to talk about the Taman Jurong accident case. Recently, in Taman Jurong, a 4-year-old girl lost her life after she met with an accident. This accident occurred some days ago. It is one of the most shocking news of this time. This news has sent shockwaves in the entire community. This heart-wrenching incident has left the entire community in a big shock. A little girl named Zara left this world after a tragic road accident. Read this entire article to learn the details of this shocking accident case. Do not miss any line of this article to learn the clear information.


Taman Jurong Accident

In a shocking turn of events, a 4-year-old girl named Zara Mei Orlic died. yes, this is true. She lost her life after she met with an accident in Taman Jurong. The entire Taman Jurong community in Singapore is currently in a big shock. This incident occurred on 23rd January 2024. Since this news has been announced, the family of the child is in a big shock. It is a very tough time for the entire family. It is not easy to digest that Zara is no more in this world. Continue reading to learn more.

The Taman Jurong community is currently mourning the loss of Zara Mei Orlic. It has been reported that the 4-year-old girl died after a tragic road accident. According to the reports, she was walking home from school with her two-year-old sister and their family’s Indonesian domestic worker, Lily. At that time a car turned in from a street corner and knocked her down. It has been claimed that the stretch of road is known as the Institution Hill. It has been described by the residents as a potential hazard because of the blend and a steep incline where vehicles might travel fast.

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The Taman Jurong accident has sparked to take a look at road safety and it also includes the addition of speed humps. This shocking car accident happened unexpectedly around the corner which left no time for the caregiver to react. Zara’s family and the Taman Jurong community are currently mourning the loss. The 4-year-old girl used to live with her family in the River Valley area of Singapore. Her family includes a two-year-old sister and their Indonesian domestic worker, Lily. Her father’s name is Dr. Nick Orlic he is a senior lecturer at Nanyang Technological University Nanyang Business School. The details of her mother have not been revealed yet. May the soul of Zara Rest in Peace.

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