Tabletop Near You Will Soon Have an Apex Legends Board Game

In a licensing deal announced on Tuesday, Glass Cannon Unplugged and Electronic Arts will adapt Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, which was released in the winter of 2019, for tabletops. On May 17, a Kickstarter campaign will launch so that people can pre-order the game.

Frostpunk: The Board Game, created by Glass Cannon Unplugged, is the latest video game to be adapted for use on a tabletop. Its 2020 Kickstarter campaign raised more than $2.5 million from nearly 19,000 supporters.

Tabletop Near You Will Soon Have an Apex Legends Board Game
Tabletop Near You Will Soon Have an Apex Legends Board Game

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A press release describes Apex Legends: The Board Game as an “intensely tactical team vs. team miniatures game for 2-4 players.”   Each game should take roughly an hour to complete. A “fully immersive, three-dimensional environment taken straight from the screen”  is the setting for the action. The four unfinished models shown in the promotional illustration (below) are the Bangalore, Bloodhound, Wraith, and Gibraltar.

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In addition to the base game, Glass Cannon Unplugged aims to release a number of expansions for Apex Legends: The Board Game, some of which will be unveiled when the Kickstarter campaign launches in May. The board game has been in the works for two years, according to a statement released by the studio on Tuesday. The statement also revealed that the studio is “plotting a long roadmap with a growing line of modular maps and interchangeable Legends.”

With the release of Season 16 on February 14 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox One X, the game’s roster of playable Legends was reshuffled to include 23 characters over four new classes.

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