Swaraj Engines Q2 FY24 results revealed as profit rise by 4.99% YOY

Swaraj Engines Q2 FY24 results are here. Recently, Swaraj Engines has released the official Q2 FY24 results. The results are very surprising and great. As in the results, it has been seen that revenue has increased by 1.08% YoY and the profits have also increased by 4.99% YoY. Swaraj Engines is a leading company in the automotive industry. The results of Q2 FY24 are shocking which has been recently announced by the company. The results have shown a really good growth in this quarter. Now to know all the things regarding Swaraj Engines Q2 FY24 results, read this article completely without missing anything.

Swaraj Engines

Swaraj Engines Q2 FY24 results

On 25th October 2023, Wednesday, the Swaraj Engines officially declared the Q2 FY 24 results. According to the results, Swaraj Engines has reported an increase in revenue of 1.08% and an increase in profit of 4.99% if we compare it to the same period in 2022. The growth of the company has demonstrated a very strong and great performance and also can generate positive returns. It has been said that the results are very great as comparing it to the previous quarter. Scroll down to learn more about the Swaraj Engines Q2 FY24 results.

If we compare the current quarter results to the previous quarter the company has experienced a decline in revenue by 2.73% and also seen a profit which decreased by 7.94%. It has been said that it might be attributed to several factors like market conditions and operational challenges. Because of the decrease, Swaraj Engines has remained optimistic regarding the prospects. The active working to improve the financial performance. The biggest key factor is the contribution toward Swaraj Engines’ financial results of the selling, general, and administrative expenses which have officially risen by 5.81 QoQ and on the other hand increased by YoY.

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The results have indicated that Swaraj Engines is currently investing in the operations and the infrastructure to support the growth strategies. Another metric, the operating income has seen a decrease of 6.14% QoQ but it also increased by 3.47% YoY. This has stated that Swaraj Engines is currently able to maintain a stable operating performance which has a challenging market condition. The performance of the company stock, the company has delivered a negative return of –2.29 % in the last 1 week. And it has given a return of 23.02% in the last six months. The Year-to-date return was 26.24%. The figures have highlighted the ability of the company so that it can generate positive returns for investors.

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