Suicide in Gujarat: 7 of family including 3 children found dead

Breaking News: Another biggest suicide case is here. After the family suicide case of Burari, Delhi another family suicide case occurred in Gujrat. A mass suicide case in Gujrat recently happened where 7 of the family including 3 children took their own life. This is a very shocking case. The news of this case is currently going viral on social media. The news of this case is at the top of the headline. Many news channels are currently covering this news as this is the biggest news of its time. This news was officially announced on 28th October 2023, Saturday. This is a very horrific case which has sent shockwaves. Now read this article very carefully to learn everything.


A recent case has occurred in Gujrat Surat. A family of 7 committed suicide on 28th October 2023, Saturday. All the family members committed suicide at their residence. Of seven deceased people, there were three children also included. The three children were below the age of eight years. This is very shocking to see that three children who are below the age of 8 committed suicide. It is really important to learn that no child decides to end their life so it may be forcible but till now there is no confirmation.

Police of Surat, Gujrat have officially stated that they have discovered a suicide note from the residence of the family. Police have officially stated that of the total of 7 deceased people six members of the family died by consuming poisonous material. and one member died after hanging from a ceiling fan. This case has been officially reported in the Palanpur Jakatnak Road locality of Surat, Gujrat. In note, it has been stated that there were some financial issues and the family did not disclose much information. Till now the deceased bodies have not been sent for autopsy.

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The deceased family members include Manish Solanki, his mother Shubha, his father Kanu Solanki, his wife Rita Solanki, and his three children Dish, Kusha, and Kavya Solanki. In the early morning of 28 October 2023, Saturday, the workers tried to contact Manish but there was not no response. So the locals grew suspicious and entered the home from the window which is in the rear of the house. A similar case happened last year where 9 family members committed suicide at their residence in Maharashtra. And before that, a case occurred in Delhi where 11 families committed suicide. More details of this suicide case will be going to be shared soon.

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