Street Fighter 6 Footage Shows Zangief Doing the Ex Double Lariat and Anti-air Super Art

Zangief’s arsenal and fighting style have evolved significantly throughout Street Fighter, and he always seems to be working on something new. Capcom released new footage of the Russian Grappler’s upcoming appearance in Street Fighter 6, showcasing different applications for Zangief’s Lasso Special and Super Art 1.

Zangief’s Overdrive (EX) Double Lariat may now be canceled into his Tier 2 Super Cyclone Lariat, a significant change from previous iterations.

Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6

This is the first time the developers have given it an EX Lariat, which opens up a whole new set of deployment possibilities. Although Double Lariat is typically executed by pressing all three punch buttons at once, the overdrive movement for her strike must involve something other than simply punching or kicking twice.

Zangief’s Level 1 move, which appears to function as both an anti-air and an extension of Level 2, has been confirmed by SF6 Director Takayuki Nakayama to be dubbed Super Aerial Russian.

You can see a tweet in which Zangief’s action for SF6 may be viewed below:

Moreover, the new film shows that Cyclone Lariat has at least two variations. In the first teaser, he strikes a posture before slamming Honda to the floor.

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Holding the button after triggering the Super causes Gief to continue spinning and launching the opponent, or Nakayama (as translated by our own Nicholas ‘MajinTenshinhan’ Taylor).

Due to Zangief’s Anti-Air Grab being his Level 1 Super, the Grappler may only have the Level 3 Command Grab as an actual reversal unless they give OD Double Lariat the same characteristics.

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