“State of Decay 3” The Most Recent Information on Release Date

The State of Decay series may not have started as a massive AAA property. Still, it has steadily developed into one with a cult following, and Microsoft’s 2018 acquisition of developer Undead Labs proves its success.

There will soon be a third game, and while many specifics are still being kept under wraps, we’ve compiled all the essential information for you right here.

State of Decay 3 Release date and Platforms

Sadly, the trailer leaves us in the dark regarding the State of Decay 3’s anticipated release date without providing any release timeframe.

State of Decay 3
State of Decay 3

On that front, though, there has been some chatter, with Phil Spencer (you can see the XboxEra Podcast with him) noting in March 2022 that he has been playing the game and is pleased with how it improves upon the previous installment in the series. That suggests we won’t have to wait long for more information to surface.

As per ign.com, Xbox’s Matt Booty announced in September 2022 that Undead Labs is cooperating with Gears of War developers The Coalition on the game and developing it under Unreal Engine 5 to incorporate certain Gears of War technology into the game. Although the excellent cooperation doesn’t move the release date closer, it is still exciting.

Nevertheless, we can be a little more specific regarding the platforms it will be available. As Microsoft Studios now owns the developer, you can nearly be guaranteed that it will only be released for Xbox and PC.

On release day, we anticipate the game will be available on Game Pass, giving gamers another incentive to subscribe to Microsoft’s excellent program.

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State of Decay 3 Trailer

The pre-rendered trailer you may see here was the only reasonably substantial piece of public information we had about the next State of Decay back in mid-2020.

YouTube video

It’s a moody and brief piece, but it effectively conveys the tone the game is probably going for through a creative reversal of what you’d expect to see when out hunting.

State of Decay 3 Gameplay and Story

Although the game’s sole trailer is purely CGI, it gives us some insight into what it may contain when released. It confirms that we will again need to focus on surviving by scavenging and hunting for food, for one thing.

With the extreme cold, mechanics for warmth and shelter may also come into play, making survival more complex. Seeing many (terrifying) zombified deer in the film also gives us optimism that there will be more regular and infected wildlife to be concerned about.