Sony’s Possible Acquisition of Bungie Could Make More Sense After May 24

PlayStation-exclusive games have long been known for the level of maturity and depth of plot presented by Sony’s first-party developers. As a result, in 2022, when Sony bought Destiny 2’s creator Bungie, gamers were taken aback. Bungie rose to prominence with the success of the Halo series, which was exclusive to the Xbox.

Sony said Bungie would be essential, providing support for the development of live services by other first-party companies. Fans are confused by the lack of concrete evidence of Bungie and Sony’s collaboration thus far.

Sony’s purchase of Bungie could make more sense after May 24, when the company is expected to unveil one of its most anticipated games as part of its PlayStation Showcase. Bungie gained prominence as the developer of the acclaimed Halo franchise, which single-handedly established Xbox as a major player in the video game industry.

After the success of their trilogy, Bungie turned its attention to Destiny, a live-service action-MMORPG that has kept them busy for the past nine years. Sony was rumored to have purchased the studio in 2022. Since Destiny 2 is playable across all platforms online, the change was unnecessary.

There have been rumblings that one of Sony’s biggest intellectual properties may soon be modified for massive online multiplayer. This title and Bungie’s current role at PlayStation could be revealed together on May 24.

The Last of Us 2 Could Have A Live-Service Multiplayer Mode

Naughty Dog, creators of the Last of Us series, announced at Summer Game Fest 2022 that they were working on a separate The Last of Us multiplayer game. While few specifics were provided, Naughty Dog did say that further details would be available in 2023.

That hasn’t stopped fans and seasoned professionals from making assumptions about the title. Considering Sony’s purchase of Bungie in the same year and the air of mystery surrounding both the developer and Naughty Dog’s title, a connection may exist between the two.

Sony's Possible Acquisition of Bungie Could Make More Sense After May 24
Sony’s Possible Acquisition of Bungie Could Make More Sense After May 24

If Bungie is developing a multiplayer mode for The Last of Us, Sony may soon unveil its first live-service game. The Last of Us would be a great fit for Sony’s rumored two live-service titles in development, as players must contend with both the infected and their other humans to survive.

A previous multiplayer option, called Factions, has the potential to be expanded to establish entire communities within the game, complete with unique jobs and equipment for each group. A live-service The Last of Us title, given the franchise’s present popularity, has the potential to be a blockbuster release, drawing in enthusiasts from the gaming and film industries. For more details, see the tweet below:

Sony’s Possible Acquisition of Bungie Could Make More Sense After May 24

On May 24, Sony will begin Summer Game Fest 2023 with their PlayStation Showcase, and the stage is set for a massive reveal. This year, Naughty Dog has promised more details, and the PlayStation Showcase would be the perfect location to reveal them.

The title of The Last of Us has been eagerly awaited by its fan base. If Sony announced it as a live service, Bungie fans would be twice as excited.

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The news that Bungie is helping develop a live service, The Last of Us game, might be the most exciting development in 2023. Sony’s highly regarded intellectual property combined with the pinnacle of live-service gaming from one of the genre’s most prominent producers has the makings of a truly remarkable adventure.

Despite the game’s lack of cross-console compatibility, Sony has promised that its live-service features will be available on PC from its initial release. The nature of The Last of Us’s multiplayer title and Bungie’s latest endeavor may be disclosed soon. Now everyone is waiting for May 24, 2023.

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