Sony Testing Cloud Streaming With PlayStation In 4K

Cloud gaming has gained significant traction in recent years with the improvement of internet speeds worldwide. As a major contender in the cloud gaming market, Sony has unveiled an exciting new feature for PS Plus Premium subscribers – a cloud streaming beta with 4K resolution. After announcing this development in June, the feature has finally been launched, allowing players to enjoy the benefits of cloud gaming in stunning 4K quality. The new streaming service is available for PS Plus games, select game trials, as well as a limited selection of digital PS5 games, eliminating the need for lengthy downloads and saving valuable storage space on consoles.

Streaming for PS

In contrast to Sony’s 4K cloud streaming, Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently limited to a maximum resolution of 1080p. This discrepancy gives Sony a distinctive edge in the market, as gamers who value high-resolution graphics and immersive gameplay experiences can now fully immerse themselves in their favorite titles with enhanced visual fidelity.

Early testers of Sony’s 4K cloud streaming have reported positive experiences. Prominent gamer ArashiGames tried out the highly-anticipated title God of War: Ragnarok and confirmed that the game ran smoothly in 4K. He also noted the introduction of a new section in the PS+ menu specifically dedicated to streaming PS5 games. With this new feature, players can select their desired game and dive into the action within seconds. Furthermore, popular games such as Horizon Forbidden West, Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Death Stranding are also available for streaming via the cloud.

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Sony’s implementation of 4K streaming has the potential to solidify its dominance in the cloud gaming market when compared to Xbox Cloud Gaming, which currently tops out at 1080p resolution. However, Sony is not resting on its laurels. Beyond cloud gaming, they have an exciting endeavor in the works known as “Project Q.” This handheld device boasts an 8-inch screen capable of streaming games in 1080p resolution. While it primarily streams games from the user’s console, it may also be compatible with Sony’s new cloud streaming service, further expanding the possibilities for gamers on the go.

It is noteworthy to mention that access to this new cloud streaming service is exclusively limited to PS Plus Premium members, who pay a monthly subscription fee of $18. In the past, Sony has offered game streaming services for PS4, PS3, and various retro titles. With the introduction of 4K cloud streaming, Sony has once again displayed their commitment to making strategic moves in the gaming industry to cater to the evolving demands of their user base.

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