Sons of the Forest Release Date Officially Announced By the Endnight Games

You may be wondering, When do Sons of the Forest come out? So, despite the fact that Endnight Games announced The Forest 2, a horror survival game, a few years back, the developer has remained as quiet as a forested forest at night, revealing next to no details about the project.

However, a premiere date for Sons of the Forest has finally been set. Despite the lack of official specifics, fans have made some educated guesses, such as the return of the survival and building gameplay, as well as a combination of the cave and land exploration.

The survival game’s spooky antagonists and enemies are back, too, though not much is known about them at this point. But that’s not important for now; we’ll discuss it in more detail later.

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Sons of the Forest Release Date: When Will Be Available?

On February 23, 2023, you can buy Sons of the Forest when it finally hits shelves. The game will launch only for PC at a cost of $29.99.

May 2022 was the intended release window, but Endnight said the original date was overly ambitious and pushed back the release. The development team then announced even another delay in August 2022, citing unforeseen difficulties, and revealing a fresh gameplay teaser.

Sons of the Forest Gameplay

There wasn’t a long-form demo of Sons of Forest’s gameplay available to us. The second video for the game was released in December 2020, and it showed more in-depth gameplay, such as fighting, exploration, and even environments located within current structures, which would presumably be connected to the game’s story in some way.

Sons of the Forest Release Date Officially Announced
Sons of the Forest Release Date Officially Announced

Sons of the Forest Platforms

Sons of the Forest is currently solely planned for a PC release. We have no idea if a console release is in the works.

Sons of the Forest could follow in the footsteps of the previous game, The Forest, which was released on PlayStation 4, however, this is currently only speculation.

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Sons Of The Forest Trailer

The first trailer for Sons of the Forest was shown at this year’s Game Awards. There was a lot of anticipation for the game after the video, which had a spooky and unsettling tone but provided few specifics. The newest trailer has been posted up top.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Sons of forest for PS5 only?

How much GB is The Forest on PS5?

The true size of the download is significantly larger (1.8–3.5GB). Initial post by Sergeant

Will Sons of the Forest be single player?

The horror survival game The Forest released in 2018, and its 2019 sequel, Sons of the Forest, will feature a playable AI sidekick that will do the player's bidding.




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