Sona Blw Precision Forgings Q2 FY24 results 2023: profit rise by 33.83% YOY

In this article, we are going to look at the Sona Blw Precision Forgigns Q2 FY24 results. The results have been recently declared. As per the results, the revenue has now increased by 20.61% YoY and the profits have increased by 33.83% YoY. Sonja Blw Precision Forgings officially released their Q2FY24 results on October 25, 2023. The results are pretty amazing and have a great value in the market right now. Profits have been increased on a good level as compared to the previous quarter where the revenue grew just by 7.67% and the profits just increased by 10.55%. Now to know everything regarding the results read this article till the end.

Sona Blw Precision Forgings

Sona Blw Precision Forgings Q2 FY24 results 2023

As we all have got to know the Sona Blw Precision Forgings has officially declared the Quarter 2 FY24 results. They announced the results on 25th October 2023, Wednesday. According to the results, the topline has increased by 20.61% and now the profits have been increased by 33.83% YoY. If we compare the results with the previous quarter in the last quarter the revenue grew by 7.67% and on the other hand the profits were just increased by 10.55%. Results have shown that the selling, general, and administrative expenses have now risen by 12.01% QoQ and it has been increased by 24.64% YoY.

As per the Q2FY24 results, the operating income officially increased by 35.83% YoY and it was up by 8.08%. If we look at the EPS it is Rs. 2.19 for Q2FY24 and it has been increased by 38.33% YoY. This time the Sona Blw Precision Forgings has delivered -an 8.35% return in the last week where they had a 10.28% return in the last 6 months and the 22.23% was a YTD return. The company currently has a great market cap of Rs. 30017.18 Crore and 52wk high/low of Rs. 625.95 and Rs. 398.05.

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The consumer recommendation of today is going to be held. According to 27th October 2023, Friday, out of 15 analysts covering the company, 4 analysts are giving a Sell rating, 1 analyst is giving a very strong sell rating, 4 analysts have already given a Buy rating, 4 analysts have also given a Strong Buy rating, and 2 analysts have given the Hold rating. So if we look at the Q2 FY24 profit and loss as per the Sona Blw Precision Forgings it is 123.85 crore. And the revenue of Q2 FY24 revenue is 784.47 crore. And the overall YoY growth of total revenue is more than 20.61%. More information to be shared very soon. So keep following techballad.

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