Smartphones and PCs soon offer on-device AI capabilities as major selling point

Not to mention, smartphones and computers are getting smarter day by day. Over the recent years, smart gadgets and computers have upgraded to an extent which eventually resulted in bolstering sales and profitability of the brands. Recently, it was reported that smartphones, computers, and other smart gadgets like watches and fitness bands will become a lot smarter than now with AI features which means which mean AI will be in your pocket from next year. Therefore, it is anticipated that AI-featured smartphones and personal computers will be more on-demand than other electronic items. What do you think will bolster a major sales cycle or be just another overhyped feature? Let’s analyze it and discuss this topic in detail. Kindly drag down the page and read more details.


Are AI Featured Smartphones and Computers Overhyped?

The first question that comes to mind is “Will AI feature be enough to buy new devices?” A growing number of major technology companies are betting that it will. As you already know, generative AI has taken the tech industry by storm ever since the public launch of ChatGPT, an online chatbot, a year ago. Major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook-parent Meta, and Amazon have already rolled out services enabled by the technology, which can draft emails, allow non-programmers to produce workable computer code, and even create spreadsheets.

Devices like smartphones and computers that can run generative artificial intelligence algorithms directly on their own hardware are the next step in the evolution of artificial intelligence. The potential benefit is faster speed since the computing happens at the “edge” closest to the end user. One more benefit is the minimal use of costly cloud computing services and the bandwidth to transmit the necessary data back and forth. For example, the AI-enabled smartphone can take a picture of someone and immediately place that person against a more scenic background without transmitting that data back and forth from the cloud. Continue reading this article.

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As personalized AI features need data that users prefer to keep on their devices, such as contacts, location, and even health information, privacy will be a major selling point. During an interview, the CFO of Qualcomm Akash Palkhiwala said, “Your device can know you better than the cloud knows you,” Qualcomm is among the chip makers that see a big opportunity in on-device AI and that already have processors ready to power it. Qualcomm is one of the leading chip makers in the market, that sees a big opportunity in on-device AI.

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