The Creepy Skyrim Mod That Destroys Humanity

Players of Skyrim who find villages and cities too crowded may find relief in a recent update that completely removes civilization, giving the region a foreboding atmosphere.

The Elder Scrolls 5 is still doing amazingly well even though it is more than 11 years old, and many people are now impatiently expecting the next game in the series. This is undoubtedly made possible by Bethesda’s ongoing distribution of updated versions of its epic RPG, allowing players to continue playing as the Dragonborn.

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It’s not a horror game, even though it has some rather powerful moments, like the first encounter with a Frost Troll. However, some reasonably spooky Skyrim mods add to the experience’s creepiness.

The player can always find solace in the numerous crowds in the game’s environment, regardless of what takes place when they are out and about. According to The Gamer, Skyrim recently received a mod that gives the fantasy game more creepiness.

“Alternative Skyrim,” developed by Nexus Mods user Scrabbulor, is a “largely broken” mod that not only makes the cities accessible but also eliminates all human characters from these towns.

YouTube video

A video posted on the mod page demonstrates how unsettling this is as the player explores Riverwood, Whiterun, and other locations only to discover that all signs of civilization have disappeared.

On top of that, the buildings are all abandoned, hinting at some terrible apocalyptic event. This mod, according to Scrabbulor, was initially the start of an alternate timeline but has since been separated into a separate mod.

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It is unnerving to see no evidence of the NPCs and followers that Skyrim is renowned for. Although some characters, like Nazeem, may be the bane of the Dragonborn’s existence, the sudden disappearance of the townspeople from the game’s major cities and towns is quite a sad sight.

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It demonstrates that even after over a decade, individuals are still making original and fascinating contributions to Skyrim. The 2011 installment of the venerable fantasy series is still receiving praise while everyone waits for The Elder Scrolls 6. Even if it has flaws, many methods exist to improve the experience in this chilly part of Tamriel.

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