Sikkim floods: 100 still missing, rescuers struggle to reach flood-hit areas

Shocking: In this article, we are going to talk about the recent Sikkim floods. There was very heavy rain for a very long time and till now the rain has continued. The rescuers are struggling to reach the flood-hit areas. The Indian rescue teams were struggling to reach flood-hit areas in Sikkim as the heavy rain has not stopped till now. It has been reported that more than 140 people are missing. On 7th October 2023, Saturday, the villagers assisted in transporting essential commodities which have been going through a cable trolley to the other side of the Teesta River for the people marooned in the flash floods it is in Priding village, Sikkim, India. Read to know everything about the current situation in Sikkim.

Sikkim Floods

According to the source, recently the Indian rescue teams are in a big difficulty reaching the flood-hit areas in the northeastern state of Sikkim. It has been reported that at this location more than 140 people have gone missing. A lot of people have gone missing because the entire region is still facing a lot of difficulties because of the heavy rain. The rain hasn’t stopped yet and it has been continuing for a very long time now. Officials said on 7th October 2023, Saturday, that this heavy rain has taken a life of many people and has destroyed many places in Sikkim since then rain has occurred.

On Wednesday the Lhonak Lake burst its banks after a cloud got busted which triggered torrential rains and caused heavy flooding in the Teesta River. Regarding the Sikkim flood, the state Chief Secretary, VB Pathak has claimed that they are currently waiting for the weather conditions to get better as if the Air Force and other rescue teams could venture into the areas where the flood has been ably hit. Scroll down.

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Government officials have claimed that overseeing the rescue operations from the Gangtok, the death toll has been raised to 44 up by 2 from 6th October 2023, Friday. The flood occurred because of the cloudburst in the early hours of Wednesday and it affected more than 25,000 people it has damaged more than 1,200 houses and has completely destroyed 13 bridges. Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang has stated that there is going to be an ex-gratia of Rs. 4 lakh for the families of the deceased people and they are going to give Rs. 2,000 each for all the people who are under the shelter. Stay tuned to techballad.

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