Siemens Energy weighs sale of stake in Indian-listed firm

Siemens Energy has now weighed the sale of a stake in an Indian firm to Siemens. This news has been recently announced on social media. Siemens Energy is considering selling a stake in Siemens Ltd to the parent Siemens AG. Reports have shown that Siemens Energy AG gas turbine factory which is located in Berlin, Germany on 27th October 2023, Friday. The company is currently in talks with the government of Germany regarding securing 16 billion in Berlin guaranteed because of the problems in the win turbine unit which has spread to the business. Read this article now till there end and do not miss anything.

Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy is looking to sell a big part of the 24% stake in the Indian-listed Siemens Limited to the ex-parent company Siemens AG. It has been said that the ex-parent company is familiar with the matter. As per the reports. stake is worth approximately $3.5 billion and the partial sale can be a way for other state makers of gas and wind turbines to strengthen the capital base which is currently under talks with Siemens and Berlins in the guarantees for their performance bonds are going to continue. Scroll down and learn more about this topic.

Siemens AG and Siemens Energy have not given any statement till now they have denied commenting on this topic yet. Siemens Ag is owning 51% of Siemens Ltd. The company has also raised that stake which might be a very strategic move the group can justify to the shareholders very easily where the company issued guarantees to Siemens Energy. According to the source, the deliberations have just one option under the discussion and the source has also revealed that there is not any guarantee that the transaction will happen or not. Sour Ces has also reported the possible stake. Scroll down to learn about it.

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Sources have revealed the possible stake sale, it has been revealed that Siemens Energy might announce the divestment of the shares in Siemens Limited at the start of this week and have a discussion regarding the matter. There is some news about the potential disposal coming as the company is in conversation with the government of Germany. Banks and Siemens have already sought 15 billion euros in guarantees to safeguard big industrial projects. The shares of the company have hit a record very low in the previous week after Siemens Energy disclosed the conversation. On 30th October 2023, Monday the shares Siemens Energy shares closed 12.7% higher which had the hopes the conversation will bear the fruit.

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