Shadow of the Erdtree – Next Part of Elden Ring Officially in Works

Elden Ring, one of 2022’s most popular games, is getting what appears to be its first major expansion titled Shadow of the Erdtree.

This morning, FromSoftware said in a tweet that the DLC was officially being made, but the company didn’t say when we could expect it to come out –

The DLC will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam, according to a short blog post. It also said that a “follow-up report is still a little ahead” (Google’s translation from Japanese), so hopefully, we’ll find out more soon.

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Elden Ring DLC is something that people are looking forward to for a number of reasons. More than 20 million copies of Elden Ring have been sold all over the world, and FromSoftware usually puts out DLC for its games within a year of the game’s release.

Elden Ring came out on February 25 of last year. So far, it has only gotten balance patches and an update that makes PvP in the game’s colosseums better.

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Only the title and the picture up there in the tweet give any hint as to the possible plot or subject matter that Shadow of the Erdtree may explore. But for a game with such an amazing and deep story, these are enough to keep people guessing for weeks.

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