Sechaba Pali Accident, What Happened To Sechaba Pali?

It has been more than five years since gospel crooner Sechaba Pali lost his life tragically but his demise still blows shock waves and leaves people astonished. Do you know what happened to Sechaba Pali or how did Sechaba Pali die? Since Sechaba Pali passed away, people frequently ask about the circumstances surrounding his death. Therefore, we have come up with this article to make you informed about it. It was February 18, 2017, when the gospel singer breathed his last following a tragic accident. In fact, Sechaba Pali revealed by himself that he was hijacked and left for death. If you are scrambling to the internet to find out about Sechaba Pali’s accident, pay attention to the following sections.

Sechaba Pali
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How did Sechaba Pali die?

A day before Sechaba Pali’s tragic accident, he performed at the Peace and Safety Concert which was held at the Mmabatho Convention Centre on Saturday. In fact, he was sharing the stage with artists like Winnie Mashaba and MTN Joyous Celebration at the Mmabatho Convention Centre. After pleasing the crowd at the Peace and Safety concert, the gospel crooner was traveling home in located in Johannesburg. But when he was on his way to Johannesburg, the singer was hijacked by two female hitchhikers. Continue reading to know what happened next.

Reportedly, the gospel singer was near Hammanskraal when he gave a lift to two female hitchhikers on Sunday. But he was hijacked by them and left for dead. Sechaba Pali was driving alone on Sunday night at around 9 p.m. when he picked up two females hitchhiking. The singer described the incident by himself when Drum visited the hospital to meet him. He said, “They asked if I was driving towards Jubilee Mall and I was keen to give them a lift. The moment they got into the car, I realized there were two men with them. The ladies told me the men were their boyfriends.”

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What happened to Sechaba Pali?

The singer was stopped at a traffic signal at an intersection when he was hit by a blunt item on his head. They knocked him out and tied his hands. When Sechaba Pali woke up he found himself in a ditch in Sochanguve. “I have no recollection of what happened, but my mouth was muffled with a sticky substance and, it seems, I was drugged.” But he was willing to live, thus he limped to the highway and sought help from a stranger truck driver who admitted him at Jubilee Hospital.

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