SC’s Ruling On Personal Debt Guarantees Will Help Unlock Dead Capital

Breaking news: The Supreme Court ruling on the personal debut guarantees will help unlock the dead capital. The insolvency of India law has officially cleared a significant hurdle in the last week and there is a stronger tool for bankruptcy resolution in terms of the result—the vast sums of unproductive capital need to be unlocked now. Reports have shown that in the first five years of the operation, the value of the capital has been realized from all the cases that had admitted under the IBC is only 20% as it is implying a dismal haircut rate of 80% for the creditors. Read this entire article to learn every single thing.


The adoption of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) in 2016 was the important economic reform of the last 10 years. According to the source, the passage of the landmark law paved the way for the systematic and time-bound resolution of the bankruptcies and the transfer pg the assets to the new owners. The businesses that are filled with bad debts show the locked capital which is dead. The business has to be officially revived by the new owners. Or the assets have to be liquidated and some of the capital has to be valued so that can be salvaged. If tui doesn’t happen the landscape will be littered with the capital which is dead in limbo or it will not be revived or it also cannot be liquidated.

There were attempts in the early stages like the old Sick Industrial Companies Act, the SARFAESI law of 2003, and some other debt recovery tribunals that have officially yielded unsatisfaction results. Some matters can be stuck for several years or maybe for some decades. The IBC was completely a fresh approach from scratch. Scroll down to learn more.

Sources have revealed that there have been two amendments to the IBC from the year 2016. Even there is much preparation prior the the passage and the brainpower that is being invested in the writing of the code. some tweaks are very necessary to tighten loose ends as it has plug loopholes. There is a big possibility of the closing of the owners of the failed enterprise re-appearing as the official bidders for their distressed assets at the time of the liquidation process. Till June 2023, IBC recorded that the creditors have realized a total of Rs. 2.92 trillion of the value which is under some resolution plans of the initial total claims of Rs. 9.23 trillion. The ratio has been improved from 2021 from around 20% to 30% respectively.

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