San Francisco Resident Are Unhappy With Giant X Office Logo

Barely, a day would have passed when the faces of social media users do not collide with controversial stuff, as regularly the elite personalities are making such headlines. Recently, something similar is again taking place as Elon Musk is remaining the subject of wide discussion due to the logo of X which is the new name of Twitter. Yeah, you heard right, the management installed a huge X in its market street headquarters in San Fransisco, which is currently bothering people. Below you can analyze the further updates you need to know.

giant x logo

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the highly laminated X logo left everyone stunned and bothered at the same time because, in daylight, no luminous effect can create the buzz but at night, when it comes in full of energy so it generates heat as well as eye problems too. No one had even imagined that the management will do something like this but they did and it turned into controversial stuff which is a bit inappropriate. Therefore, uncounted reactions are taking place on Twitter and other social media.

Reactions On Installing Massive X In San Fransisco

Gorgeous San Francisco, though others abandon you, we will invariably be your buddy,” Musk wrote. Yet not all San Franciscans are keen on Musk’s camaraderie. Citizens over the weekend videoed the giant X glowing, throbbing, and striking, with some criticizing its invasive lights. While visiting social networking sites you can get the public reactions as they are not even likin it and are somehow urged to remove it so that, they can not fave the troubles ahead due to their step.

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x logo after twitter logo removed

Ever since Elon Musk came into the limelight whether for making Tesla the car or overtaking Twitter, he made multiple agonistic stuff that had usually fetched immense attention among everyone especially those, who usually make their appearance on while scrolling the feeds. Because in 2021 he moved his car-making company Tesla to Texas and it was a shock too. Because the things he overturned upside down in a certain manner that was not even effective enough.

So here, we have dropped the appropriate information which has been driven from the other significant sources and this is the only reason, if you want to get more then you can search for an issue as well where you will find out everything you need to know in a certain or better called particular way on Twitter and other social media sites are holding the news as a trend. Because many reactions are being shared by almost everyone. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Techballad.

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