Samsung Introduces new mobile AI experience ‘Galaxy AI’

If you are a Samsung user or a tech-focused person, then you must be aware of Samsung’s Galaxy AI which is the brand’s latest innovation that will leverage both cloud-based and on-device AI to empower everyone everywhere. Today, the company announced its future plans for a new comprehensive mobile AI experience designed to “empower everyone, everywhere”, Galaxy AI, through improved productivity, creativity, and communication features. Since Samsung unveiled its upcoming plans for Galaxy AI, people have been interestingly taking over the internet and seeking more details about it. So that people can fathom Galaxy AI easily, we have taken some examples in the below-placed sections. Kindly swipe down the page and take a look below.

Galaxy AI

Samsung Introduces new mobile AI experience ‘Galaxy AI’

As mentioned above, Galaxy AI will leverage both cloud-based AI-enabled and on-device AI-developed by Samsung through collaborations with industry partners. This new comprehensive mobile AI experience aims to give new AI faculty and it does not compromise with privacy and security at all. One example of Galaxy AI which was highlighted by the company is the AI Live Translate Call feature which will offer real-time audio and text translations during phone calls. Yes, you heard it right, when you are speaking with someone who is speaking another language will be translated in real-time through Galaxy AI. That means the AI Live Translate Call feature will eliminate the need for third-party translation apps by integrating directly into the native calling function. The company says translations will be done directly on the device to protect privacy.

Beyond translations, Samsung was vague about other features Galaxy AI could enable. The press release simply hinted at reducing barriers in communication, simplifying productivity, and enabling creativity in “all the places it matters most.” However, the press release of Samsung did not explain too much about Galaxy AI. It seems people have to wait for more details on how exactly AI will improve productivity and creativity through Samsung devices.

EVP and Head of R&D for Samsung’s Mobile eXperience Business Wonjoon Choi termed Galaxy AI a “comprehensive intelligence offering” that will “change how we think about our phones forever.” When will Galaxy AI launch? Reportedly, Galaxy AI is all set to launch in early 2024 so it shouldn’t be too long before Samsung unveils more about how it designs to use AI to improve the mobile experience. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.