Fact check: Is Sam Maldonado Dead? What Happened To Former Vice President of Johnson & Johnson?

A widespread controversy erupted after the former vice president of Johnson and Johnson, Dr. Sam Maldonado called for the killing of all Palestinians through his LinkedIn account. As a result of his controversial LinkedIn post, Sam Maldonado became the subject of widespread criticism and huge backlash. Amidst that ongoing controversy over his message to kill all Palestinians, another story evolved that Sam Maldonado might have died. On the internet, there are innumerable reports and posts claiming that Sam Maldonado has passed away. Sam Maldonado’s death rumors have created a stir, leaving people in a frenzy to know what happened to him. Sam Maldonado is dead or alive? We have answered this question and addressed the ongoing controversy, so be sticky with this page and continue reading this article. Drag down the page.

Sam Maldonado

Is Sam Maldonado Dead? What Happened To Former Vice President of Johnson & Johnson?

Sam Maldonado is a well-known pharmaceutical corporation. Recently, Sam Maldonado shared a controversial message in the context of the ongoing war between Palestine and Israel, which was publicly shown by the well-known non-profit organization Stop Zionist Hate that shows a portion of Sam Maldonado’s message on his LinkedIn account. In the message, Sam Maldonado wrote, “This is not the first time Israel faced this type of enemy.”

He further added, “In the Bible (1 Samuel 15:3) God ordered Israel the following: Now go and destroy the entire Amalekite nation, men, women, children, babies, cattle, sheep, goats, camels, and donkeys. This is perhaps the order Bibi received from the Lord regarding Palestinians. People may call this ethnic cleansing or genocide but the Chosen People of God know that this is obedience to God.” This post has not been deleted from Sam Maldonado’s account but it is widely shared by many other organizations and individuals. As a result of this message, Sam Maldonado started feeling the heat of criticism and backlash from all around the world.

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Meanwhile, Sam Maldonado’s death rumors erupted and left many people perplexed about it. Therefore, many people are looking for Sam Maldonado’s death news. The startling claims about Sam Maldonado’s death are seemingly fake and unfounded. This column is contrary to the ongoing death rumors of Sam Maldonado. He is still alive and healthy. Amid the controversy, Sam Maldonado fell victim to online death hoaxes. We debunk the news and put the rumors to rest. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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