Sam Altman returns as OpenAI CEO, Microsoft joins board

Sam Altman returned to OpenAI in his position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has made a great comeback in the company now. Some time ago he was removed from his position as the CEO of OpenAI, After that there was a big controversy regarding this removal. A lot of people came in support of Altman and demanded to bring him into the company even the investors of the company demanded his comeback. So after a big controversy, he is finally back to his position in OpenAI. On his comeback, he has said that he has never been more excited. Read this entire article to learn everything that he has claimed recently on his comeback.

Sam Altman

The co-founder of OpenAI, Sam Altman is now finally returned to the company as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), after a tumultuous last week. He was fired from the company and then it was announced that he was being rehired. As Sam Altman has made his comeback, another employee of OpenAI, Greg Brockman is now all set to return to the position at his poison of President of Open AI. On the other hand, Mira Murati has already been appointed as the interim CEO of OpenAI but now she is going to return to her previous role which was the CTO of OpenAI.

On the return of Sam Altman, he expressed his feelings in a blog post where he stated that he has never been more grateful and excited about his future. he is extremely thankful for every single person who has done handwork in the unclear and unprecedented situation and he has a belief that their resilience and spirit which is set apart in the industry. He feels so good about their chances of success in achieving the access and their mission.

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Sam Altman has also thanked the OpenAI co-founder and former board member Ilya Sutskever who was instrumental fro hiring him as the CEO of OpenAI but then he changed his mind. Sam called him the guiding light and also the gem of the human being. He has noted that when Sutskever is not going to be longer as a member of the new board, the discussion is currently underway regarding how he can now continue his work at the company. And now Microsoft is going to get a non-voting position on the OpenAI board. The company has the biggest backing as it has invested over $10 billion in OpenAI. Now Altman has announced that Microsoft is going to sit on OpenAI’s new board, albeit as the non-voting observer.

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