Sajanpur Village Of MP Postponed Diwali As It Falls On Election Day

How does it sound when we say you can also postpone Diwali celebrations as well? Alright, it sounds weird, but a village in Madhya Pradesh has even postponed the Diwali celebration as Diwali falls on polling day. Since this news broke out on news channels and newspapers it has been attracting everyone’s attention and trending on social media. Netizens are reacting to this story hilariously on social media. A person said if it’s an election, even a festival can wait. Do you know which village of MP has decided to postpone festivities? In the following sections, we have explored this story in detail and discussed everything that you need to know. Stick with this page and go through this article till the end. Swipe down the page.


This story is of a village located in Madhya Pradesh’s Alirajpur where the villagers decided to celebrate the Diwali festival after one week. They postponed the festivities by seven days as their festival coincided with polling day. It is said that the village is full of tribal communities. The tribal community scheduled a Diwali celebration on November 24, days after the whole country celebrated the festival. Reportedly, this decision was taken by the elders of the tribal community of the village.

The panchayat secretary of Sajanpur village, Khurban Tomar said, the seniors of the tribal community earlier took the decision to observe the Diwali puja on November 17 but the decision was taken back since it’s also a voting day. Thereafter, the panchayat decided to celebrate Diwali on November 24. Anil Tomar who is an Alirajpur tribal culture researcher said, “All the villages have their designated ‘Dev Sthan’ (place of worship) where they offer prayers. The informal heads in the villages consult with the Badwa (priest) to decide the date of Diwali every year” Shift to the next section and read more details.

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Anil Tanwar further said that the people of the village gather at the Dev Sthan (the place of worship) for puja (to offer prayers followed by the sacrifice of an animal. The prayer and sacrifice were followed by burst crackers and lights on their premises. “Since it coincided with the voting date this year, we decided to reschedule our festivities. We drink and enjoy during our festival and we don’t want it to affect how our people vote. We want them to think clearly and calmly and vote properly.”

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