S Jaishankar Says India’s Excess Trade Over $100 Billion With Africa Is Fairly Balanced

S Jaishankar who is the external affairs minister said trade with Africa is more than $100 billion which is fairly evenly balanced. Currently, India’s trade with Africa is more than $100 billion and it is fairly balanced said the External Affairs Ministry. The statement of the External Affairs Minister of India came after some figures were pointed at India-Africa trade. For the unversed, India opened a slew of embassies in Africa in the last decade. Now the trade between India and Africa has over a whopping $100 billion which is fairly evenly balanced. The EAM opened up about India-Africa trade during an event held to mark the significance of the African Union’s membership of the G20. Let’s delve deep into the details and find out more information. Scroll down the page.

S Jaishankar

While marking the significance of the African Union’s membership of the G20, the external affairs minister of India S Jaishankar said, “Our trade with Africa today is more than USD 100 billion and it’s fairly evenly balanced. It’s not just trade, India is among the top five investors in Africa. Our estimated capital today is more than USD 80 billion,” S Jaishankar also added that a bulk of embassies the Indian government opened in Africa in the past decade. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

S Jaishankar added, “And not just Embassies, the first Indian Institute of Technology [abroad] opened in Africa. The first Forensic Sciences University abroad opened in Africa. So I don’t need to stress to you today what is the importance that we attach, not just to our relationship but to the promise of those ties that we are betting on your future as well. And we see in our relationship a very, very powerful force that would rebalance the global polity, which in our view has been skewed over the last two centuries,”

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On Friday, EAM S Jaishankar welcomed African ambassadors to the Yashobhoomi convention center. The EAM also emphasized India’s promise to share its transformative Digital Public Infrastructure experience with the African Union. The External Affairs Minister also highlighted the pivotal recognition of this effort by the G20, expecting substantial growth in joint efforts for a digitalized future. Jaishankar posted on X formerly Twitter, “Delighted to host the Ambassadors of Africa in Yashobhoomi today. Our gathering marked the significance of the African Union’s Membership of the G20”

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