Row over Narayana Murthy’s remarks on work hours

Narayana Murthy 70-hour work week remark. There are 7 ways to design a rich life on the way of your terms. Murthy is a well-known personality. He has recently suggested 70 hours a week to uplift India which is sparking divided opinions. He has emphasized the importance of the young person working 70 hours per week so that it can help in the progress of India. His statement is currently going viral. His statement in a recent event has raised the eyebrows of young Indian people. Now to know everything that he has said you have to read this article till the end and we request you not miss anything.

Narayana Murthy

The well-known personality Narayana Murthy talked at an event recently in which he said that youngsters should work for 70 hours per week so that it helps uplift India. This will help in the progress of India. He has cited how other countries after World War 2 worked for very long hours so that their countries grew faster. It looks like this statement is open to interpretation people are divided. A lot of people are with Narayana Murthy and some people in society vehemently disregard the notion that has been mentioned in the entire world that has been moved away past the hour system.

According to the source, the crux of the matter is a great understanding of the people had opinions which are molded by the routines and are diverse where some are willing to work for more than 70 hours per week. It has been said that it does not equate great long working hours as the sole pathway to success or wealth. Living a rich and successful life is the dream of every single person in this world. But the thing which enriches one life varies in different people.

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A lot of people are currently very happy with their jobs and do not seek to move up the corporate ladder which they have learned had a fatter paycheck where they are eating up the equity time with family. It has impacted the long hours that they devote to their hobbies of individuals. You should always figure out what makes you very happy. Most people do not try to keep up with others, but the reality is that you should always try new things. You should always keep up with lifestyle inflation. You should save but more than saving you should do investment. You should always figure out your financial goals.

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