Rogen Gives Donkey Kong a Voice to Remember in New Mario Movie

It’s interesting that fans of the Super Mario Bros. franchise care so much about the actors’ voices being used in the upcoming film. Of course, we know who is in the cast, and we have for quite some time, but we have no idea how seriously any given actor is taking their job.

Rogen Gives Donkey Kong a Voice to Remember in New Mario Movie

It is for this reason that everyone has been so enamored with Chris Pratt’s portrayal of Mario, and it is also for this reason that Jack Black looks to be the ideal choice to play Bowser since… he’s done that voice a thousand times, and he was born for the part.

Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong is a huge voice that we have not yet heard, and it was one that had the potential to go to any number of different places. However, we have not yet heard it.

Donkey Kong’s voice has, for the better part of four decades, been all over the place, as the Thomas Game Docs video that can be found below illustrates. In spite of the fact that Charles Martinet’s Mario has been passed down from generation to generation, there has been absolutely no continuity with Donkey Kong.

Rogen Gives Donkey Kong a Voice to Remember in New Mario Movie
Rogen Gives Donkey Kong a Voice to Remember in New Mario Movie

This means, I assume, that this movie was free to go in whichever way it wanted with the character, and that is exactly what happened with the character. As can be seen in this new, brief clip that was shown tonight during the game between the Eagles and the Niners, Seth Rogen has been recruited to…just be Seth Rogen.

The majority of the clip has been seen previously, including the part where Mario is getting really battered the shit out of him, however, the part at the end where Donkey Kong is speaking is definitely brand new.

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It is also wonderful to see the catsuit make an appearance, as it is in everyone’s best interest for this movie to borrow as much as possible from Super Mario 3D World, which more than any other Mario game seems like a high-budget animated film.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is voicing Donkey Kong in Mario movie?

As Donkey Kong, Seth Rogen

In his online Ninentendo Direct presentation, Seth Rogen claimed that "The first time I played Mario Bros. on Playchoice 10, I remember thinking, "If they ever make a movie out of this, I better be in it." I'm delighted to report that my hopes have been realized." Jan

Will Chris Pratt be doing a Mario voice?

You've got the appropriate size in me. I'm sporting a full-on'stache right now. When it was reported that Chris Pratt would be portraying Mario in the upcoming animated film, The Super Mario Bros., he told Variety that he was "thrilled" to be cast in the role.

Is Mario getting a new voice actor?

Charles Martinet has provided Mario with a voice since since the Italian plumber began speaking in Nintendo games. While the visuals of The Super Mario Bros. Movie are reminiscent of the video games, fans will be pleased to hear that Chris Pratt will be lending his voice to the role of Mario in the film.

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