Robert Martiensen Artist and Retired country maths teacher created artworks in secret

Robert Martiensen was a maths teacher but more than a teacher in secret. The reclusive retired maths teacher reportedly crafted over 7000 artworks in secret, that were found after his death. Following Robert Martiensen’s death, it was determined that he had been creating amazing artwork since the late 1980s inside his farmhouse located on the outskirts of Mount Gambier in South Australia. He started making exquisite wooden boxes around 7000 each with different and unique artwork. The form of the outstanding wooden boxes was of the range of wood. Everyone was shocked when over 7000 exquisite artworks were found in his home following his demise because the maths teacher never had been involved in the art at the school. You should learn more about him in the following sections. Swipe down the page.

Robert Martiensen Artist
A school staff photograph of Robert (Bob) Martiensen c.1985.(Supplied: Dr Elizabeth Arthur)

Who was Robert Martiensen?

Robert Martiensen was a maths teacher who never took part or showed interest in art at the school but he kept on creating outstanding artworks in secret. He never exhibited his work to sell or gain popularity. He was a brilliant man. Following his retirement as a maths teacher, Robert Martiensen went back to his farmhouse on the outskirts of Mount Gambier in South Australia where he grew up. At his farmhouse, he started creating masterpieces at a frenzied speed. To be precious, Robert Martiensen had created over 2,500 small wooden boxes in four years. Kindly note that each of his bespoke wooden boxes is numbered and marked with the date of their creation in sequence.

Later the retired maths teacher started using a paint brush and created canvas. For the next 20 years, he kept on painting continuously. He always used to puff on a tobacco pipe. Nobody saw the library of art books he accrues or his artworks starting to pile up despite some people including his brother-in-law, niece, and a few more people were allowed to visit. They’re stuffed into cupboards crammed into a garage piled in tall towers on the floor.

The extent of Robert’s artistic production was discovered in 2007 when he was found dead in his farmhouse. Robert Martiensen was surrounded by over 7,000 artworks each named, dated, and numbered in sequence. Although the works of art are abstract, their titles tell the story of Robert’s life, interests, and explorations. Robert’s sister left to deal with her brother’s deceased estate. She thought his paintings were rubbish and immediately made moves to get rid of them. Stay tuned.

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