Restaurant O La Vache Niort Incendie catches fire

Horrible images are coming from Niort where a popular restaurant caught fire and risked the lives of 20 people. According to the reports, the establishment where the fire accident occurred is named “O’la Vache Restaurant”. This horrible fire accident at O’la Vache restaurant happened on Friday morning, September 22, 2023. Since the news of the fire broke out at O’la Vache restaurant, people have been keenly seeking updates on the rescue operation and investigation into it. What was the cause of the fire accident at O’la Vache restaurant? This question is also swirling in many people’s minds. Let’s delve deep into the details and find out how the emergency personnel tackled intensified flames. Scroll down the page.

Restaurant O La Vache Niort Incendie
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How many people were inside O’la Vache restaurant?

When restaurant O’la Vache caught fire on Friday morning at around 9 am, a total of 20 people were inside the restaurant including 2 staff members and 18 people from the nearby Ibis hotel. Fortunately, nobody got harmed in this fire accident. All the 20 people were evacuated safely. They were not affected by the flames but received the fumes till they remained stuck inside O’la Vache restaurant which was blazing. According to a fire officer who was at the scene, the fire did not cause any injury but the material toll was heavy. O’la Vache restaurant is badly damaged in this fire tragedy.

Lieutenant Etienne Pasquelin said, “The fire ran under the roof which was ablaze when we arrived,” Although the firefighters brought the fire under control around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, September 22, 2023, and a security perimeter was also observed by emergency services on the day. The Quick and Del Arte restaurant which is located a few meters away was ordered to provide their lunch service. The Ibis Hotel which is established very close to O’la Vache restaurant, was allowed to welcome customers from the evening. Kindly note that no collateral damage occurred in this fire accident. All the buildings and establishments near O’la Vache restaurant were unaffected.

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O’la Vache Restaurant Damages Badly In Fire Accident

O’la Vache restaurant which was started in 2019 has been closed for a while as the fire accident left the restaurant damaged badly. Due to the fire accident, 22 employees of the restaurant lost their jobs. To determine the cause of the fire accident, an investigation has been launched. The detectives are working together with the fire officers to understand the circumstances of the fire accident at O’la Vache restaurant, which are currently not known.

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