Who was Renu Sinha Advocate? Supreme Court Lawyer Killed By Her Husband

Today’s sensational and chilling story is about the murder of a Supreme Court lawyer. The murder case of a Supreme Court lawyer, Renu Sinha, left the whole nation astonished as the main accused in the case is her husband. Yes, you heard it right, Renu Sinha’s husband killed her and admitted the crime in front of the police. He admitted the murder of advocate Renu Sinha after stuffing himself in a storeroom for 24 hours. Since the news of SC advocate Renu Sinha’s murder surfaced, it has been trending on every news channel, newspaper, and digital media. Some questions are swirling in people’s minds over the motive of Renu Sinha’s murder. Police have explained the motive of the Supreme Court lawyer’s murder, which we have mentioned below in the article. Keep reading.

Renu Sinha Advocate
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Who was Renu Sinha’s Advocate?

Renu Sinha was a 61-year-old professional lawyer. She was diagnosed with cancer therefore she had not been practising law for the past few years. Last month, doctors declared her cancer-free after her courageous fight with her illness. She was a Supreme Court lawyer, residing in Noida at D-40 Kothi, Sector 30 with her husband. She was found dead in Noida house on Sunday, September 10, 2023, after the dead SC lawyer remained unreachable for two days. According to the reports shared by police, Renu Sinha’s brother was trying to reach out to her through phone call but she did not respond to his call for the past two days.

Why did Renu Sinha’s Husband Kill Her?

Police responded to Renu Sinha’s house after her brother filed a missing complaint. When police acted upon her brother’s missing report they found her dead in the bathroom. A senior police officer stated, “A unit of police immediately reached Renu Sinha’s house and broke down the game. We found the victim lying dead in the bathroom” The police officers further added that Renu Sinha’s brother was suspicious of her husband Nitin Nath Sinha for Renu’s murder. The SC lawyer’s brother said there was a dispute between husband and wife over a property. For now, it is believed that property dispute was the motive of the murder.

Police said that Renu Sinha’s husband wanted to sell their bungalow but she was opposed to it. Therefore, a property dispute has been running between them for the past many days. Furthermore, Nitin also had taken a token amount from a buyer. The property dispute even led to repeated fights between them.

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