Reema Jain Murder Case Explained: Body Found In Water Tank

It has been more than a decade since Reema Jain’s murder case came to light but this incident still continues to send shockwaves to the people. In fact, Reema Jain’s murder case was as heinous as many crime storytellers and documentary creators have covered this case on their shows. Recently, a YouTuber named SR Pay who has over 781K subscribers covered the gripping turn of events in the high-profile murder case of Reema Jain. So far, SR Pay’s “Mysterious Murder of Reema Jain” video has been watched more than 164K times in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, people have been left curious to unfold the circumstances surrounding Reema Jain’s death and to know who killed her. Let’s delve deep into the details to get more insight into this case.

Reema Jain Murder
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Who was Reema Jain?

Before starting to discuss her murder case, it is pertinent to know who she was. Reema Jain was a resident of Ludhiana, Punjab. She was 40 years old at the time of her murder. More about her, Reema Jain was the widow of a Ludhiana-based industrialist. One day, Reema Jain went missing. The circumstances under which Reema Jain was reported missing, were quite mysterious and suspicious. Though police launched a kidnapping investigation into it. As it was a high-profile case, this case withdrew everyone’s attention and became a topic of the town.

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Kidnapping Investigation Launched In Reema Jain Missing

As the widow of a Ludhiana-based industrialist was reported missing under suspicious circumstances, police launched a kidnapping investigation in this case. Reportedly, 40-year-old Reema Jain remained missing for a total of eight months. But one day the detectives finally cracked the high-profile case of Reema Jain when police found her disposed body in a gutter. Yes, you heard it right, the body remains of Reema Jain were found in the sewer of the septic tank in her brother-in-law’s factory located at Sherpur Khurd, Ludhiana. Meanwhile, police further launched a homicide investigation into Reema Jain’s murder case.

Who killed Reema Jain?

As mentioned, Reema Jain was found dead in her brother-in-law’s factory established in Sherpur Khurd, Ludhiana, the main accused in Reema Jain’s murder case was also her brother-in-law Anil Jain also known as Mickey. Reportedly, the investigators retrieved the human remains of Reema Jain in the presence of the executive magistrate and officers of the forensic science laboratory in Chandigarh after the identification of the main accused Mickey Jain, and his three companions.

Reema Jain Murder Case Explained

Jagraon SSP RK Jaiswal was leading the investigation into Reema Jain’s murder case. The victim was identified by her elder son Bhanu Partap Jain. He confirmed his mother with a white color pen, pieces of embroidered clothing, and a pair of slippers. Reportedly, the main accused Mickey Jain later admitted his crime alongside his three companions. Mickey and three others also confessed their crimes in court. As it was a high-profile case, there was a lot of speculation in the city about whether the culprits in this case would be awarded a death sentence or life imprisonment.

Reportedly, Reema Jain went missing on July 30, 2005, when she was kidnapped from outside the elite Sutlej Club in Ludhiana. As per the missing report, Reema Jain used to go to Sutlej Club for swimming. Meanwhile, a missing report was registered at Ludhiana by her son.

Who were Anil Jain’s three accomplices?

Police arrested a total of four people in connection with Reema Jain’s murder. The main accused in the case was Reema Jain’s brother-in-law Anil Jain. The other three accused or Anil’s accomplices were Kuldip Singh, Tarsem Singh, and Jasvir Singh. Reportedly, they were hired by Anil Jain in Rs 10 lakh. Jasvir Singh is also known as Leelu, while Kuldip Singh is his cousin, and Tarsem Singh is also known as Bony. The three accomplished Anil Jain hails from Narangwal Kalan, Mandiani, and Kot Manna villages in Jagraon.

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What Was Reema Jain’s Cause of Death?

Reema Jain was taken to the factory after being kidnapped by the accused. The accomplice of Anil Jain parked Reema Jain’s Honda Accord at the IGI Airport, Delhi, in a bid to dodge the police. The accused confessed their crimes in court and revealed Reema Jain’s cause of death. The culprits admitted that they killed the widow of a Ludhiana industrialist by administering some injection. The accused also admitted that he also manhandled the victim before killing her. After killing her, they concealed Reema Jain’s corpse in the factory store. The next morning, they threw her body into the gutter.

What was the motive of Reema Jain’s murder?

Everyone is curious to know the motive of Reema Jain’s murder. However, the motive was simple, Anil Jain killed Reema Jain who was the widow of a Ludhiana-based industrialist over a property dispute. The culprit also took her signature on some property documents before killing her.

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