Redfall Release Date Confirmed, New Gameplay Footage Revealed

An upcoming first-person shooter video game titled Redfall is currently being developed by Arkane Studios Austin and will be released by Bethesda Softworks. At today’s Xbox Developer Direct, developer Arkane Studios confirmed that their story-driven shooter Redfall would be released on May 2.

They also showcased new gameplay footage, elaborating on the characters’ special skills and providing a better look at the game’s namesake area of Redfall, Massachusetts. In Redfall, players can choose from one of four heroes to take on the role of a vampire slayer in either a solo or multiplayer experience.

Redfall: Xbox Developer Direct

Redfall will launch for Xbox One X/S and PC, and it will be playable from day one on Game Pass. Check out the latest developments in Minecraft Legends and Hi-Fi Rush, as well as everything else shown in today’s Xbox Developer Direct.

Redfall Release Date Confirmed
Redfall Release Date Confirmed

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Frequently asked questions

Does Redfall have a release date?

Despite the fact that there is not yet an official release date for Redfall, the video game is expected to be available in 2023 after being pushed back with Starfield. It had been anticipated that it will occur in the summer of 2022. Microsoft has stated that they would reveal fresh information regarding the game during their next Xbox Developer Direct conference on January 25.

How many players is Redfall?

Redfall effortlessly integrates single- and multiplayer options, letting players go it alone or with a group of up to three other people in the dark. Members of the same team have the freedom to experiment with various hero loadouts and pool their resources in order to devise novel strategies for dealing with the impending vampire apocalypse.

Will Redfall have coop?

You can play solo by tailoring your character to that mode, or you can join up to three other players in online co-op with a full array of heroes.



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